Huge frustrations -

Hi there dear Eric, I’m having a huge problem - I m working with Azazel and as much of the left hand path beings that I can fancy, and sometimes beings of the opposite polarity - I usually call them up in the name of the I Am-presence (source self, with total respect, gratitude and love towards any being I call forth - both in the universal as solomonic circle, and sometimes when I interact with purely and only right hand people - they use these undesired blessings, snooping off my powerflow with left hand path beings or even sometimes nullifying the effect of what I asked (separate from those lightworkers) to let’s other beings… Which is very very frustrating because it makes me doubt whether my for example rituals with Lilith or so for example would be canceled out… i feel like I am unwantingly being corrupted, I have the idea, to the point where I feel more ‘love’ and less grounding self-power…; it’s something I’d love to adress - is it normal that I feel more love ane less self-power and does this mean that my evocation and workings with azazel and other lhp beings failed? I also wonder, once I got lhp beings to turn more light through personal pathworking and transmutation, how I can spawn them in their pure raw dark force again in ritual please -
Thanks :slight_smile: