Huge Art Project - :CANCELED:

Seeing as I keep getting nothing but shit thrown at me for offering any of my opinions or beliefs (what I thought forums were for), I’ll stop.

Thank you for setting off my depression.

The warning on this project still stands:
I made a deal with Zagan and Dra’talon at the start of this project to help keep the project secret to anyone who doesn’t have something to add and to make sure no one steals any artwork or major ideas, characters, whatever… And yes, I made sure to go over all the details so no one will get hurt from putting out a similar idea by coincidence or anything. They have to be looking at this or thinking of it, specifically, and have the intention of publishing it… and many other small, minute details that’ll take WAY too long to list.
Basically no one will be held accountable unless they are consciously stealing.

Nice idea. Btw, is that picture one of your pieces?

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Alright, here’s an idea for a fun storyline. How would you be interested in doing a story that’s basically a dramatasized version of the Sunas incident. That sounds like it would be fun to make into a story. If you are I would like to have a hand in writing it though.

What’s the Sunas incident?

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Well the sunas incident involved a troublemaker who came on the forums awhile back who caused a shit storm, he’s haunted by some stuff associated with me which goaded him into setting up a vampiric network on the fourm to gather energy. Granted this would be somewhat fictionalized, some stuff I’m not supposed to talk about is involved in the incident so it would be written in a way where you couldn’t tell what is alluding to real events and what is fictional if you are an outside reader.

Anyway I’ll probably wait until you actually start making this to see what your other stories in the anthology are like. Mines a bit more atypical so it may be wise not to have it be the first one.

I want to be a guy with a cape with.

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Yes a lot like that
Well I will send you an email later on. It is going to take some time to type it out. But what exactly are you look to know about me

do it.

Very awesome idea ani cat. I’m curious as to what time, era and setting will these character be living in. I wanna contribute a few characters so knowing what kind of environment they’ll be in will help a lot. And could you please give an example of one character you have in mind, it’ll help those contributing to know what type of theme we should stick to.

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Sounds like more work then one can handle

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Woot! I can post again!

I absolutely love this idea, and support it for as much beyond the 100% as I can get away with. Ego aside, those are they types of true stories I would love reading about.

Ego unleashed: I think my story would adapt very well to a graphic novel format. Weened on Castaneda, in my quest to master dream control, I drew the attention of a pair of masterful dream walkers who tormented me mercilessly. Out of sheer desperation, as a last resort, I began to play by their rules in order to defeat them, which as it turned out, were the fundamentals of magic.

Plenty of epic dream battle sequences. I’d love to write an adaptation, I only ask that I get some input on the visual components. My whole paradigm is based on focused and directed attention, and a graphic novel presents some unique opportunities to work that into the presentation.

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Thank you