Huff Paranormal. anyone heard of him? SPIRIT BOX!

This subject may have been covered in the past, if so Im sorry to bring it up again
However it’s fascinating, theirs a guy on the internet Huff Paranormal. who has a YouTube channel dedicated to spirit communication, using electronic media, I have heard the majority of his vids and I’m convinced that he’s communicating with real spiritual entities, what type I’m not sure, I do get that’ he’s right hand path tho, and has the Xian view of daemons, sees them all as evil,
Also the problem with most of the communication, its not very solid and on going.
Im would love to do a Magical working using one of his devices, the difference tho, I will do full ritual evocation, summoning via a sigial calling on a specific daemon by name, love to see what happens, OH this is not a game to me, NO. NO, It’s not in anyway, I call up a spirit just to see if it will show up, I know that if you call them up, they show up one way or a another, did my first evocation in relation to baneful magick, this worked very, very fast, in fact I was stunned at how fast it worked.
This is just in the interest in Magickal experimentation . At this time I prefer the preferred method of communicating with Spirits via Dark Mirror, or out side of the universal circle. Just as E.A does in the Evocation course, Great course!!! …………………………
So what do you guys know about this stuff?

PS. Im thinking of letting this guy know about Evocation, who knows he might learn something new, he might expand his views?

Yeah i know… But i’m just gonna say that i think most of those “ghost box” things are just scam, they scan through random radio waves and the sounds and random sounds occur… Then the “ghost box guy/gal” just writes or says “oh did you say your name was tommy” or whatever and so the person watching that show will be like “oh yeah i think the ghost really did say he’s name was tommy and he got murdered!”

Well if you’re talking about Ryan Buell from Paranormal State who does use electronic means of communication with the spirits, I would not talk to him about evocation. He had a terrifying experience as a child that forever changed him so he does think most entities like demons are evil, and he is a christian, catholic I believe.

Most of the ghost hunters from Tv do use electronic devices. But with anyone else, just make sure you get their background first before you go sharing info about magick with them. Some people are scared of this stuff.