Look at where you are today compared to then when you opened this discussion… you have Come along ways my friend ! You started within yourself from what knowledge you had and seeked for more . You have a light within your heart . the steps that are yet to come thru secret ancient teachings that’s one of a kind as for your experience, everyone is different as a person but all can connect as above so below… belial is high rank but he’s a form a deity that’s much older. The original creators that started the human body to enhance the soul trou life times. Belial was your guidance, protector, an balance . Find your Egyptian version of belial and place yourself as an entity, if not it will come in time … most importantly tho later on if u get a chance when it’s dark . Go out side and look up for the gold star , usually the first one visible as night falls, ask Thoth To steer you in the direction you are sapost take,and better light to better your foundations for family, bloodline cause u do have a rare type that dates back a ways , that said you also have your family’s secret legacy


Bunch of weird shit has happened since Sunday. A very weird ass dream that night of a giant muscular humanoid ram came to me in a dream giving me 2 of many favorite things. He cooked me sushi and made me a White Russian while explaining a bunch of crazy shit about my life only a select few and/or I know. Also said all of my theories on magic, technology, multiverses, etc are partial incomplete truths to a bigger picture. Told me to find someone named C.Kendall on here me and him share a common enemy that’s the reason my life has been pure hell, the situation with my family and the root to me having severe problems with magic and C.Kendall can help me. Idkwtf he is but I looked him up and was amazed so messaged him. Hope my message wasn’t too fuckin crazy lol…we’ll see.

Walked the dog today and seen the spiral from Belial’s gateway symbols in the clouds as clear as day. Then realized everytime my grandmother’s cat comes to me and moves my phone its when I’m looking at something of Lucifer not Lord Satan…I’m an idiot lol.

Other stuff too but walking home don’t wanna get ran over I’ll post later


Something crazy on the way home. I’m walking down a street into a section of it not lit and this tall woman turns the corner in all black. She’s my height 6’0" and notice she’s my build with hair blacker than black and GODLY beautiful. As we start walking past each other my lower chakra area starts heating up and felt like I was gonna have the biggest O. We lock eyes and hers were completely black including the white part and they flashed green like light moving over a steel ball as we get shoulder to shoulder. looking at each other I hear some weird ass language whispering in my head at the same time English in a middle eastern accent over it say “found you. Tag you’re it!” Playfully and a very sexy laugh after. I literally stopped in my tracks and was like wtf!?!??! So I turn around and only see a faint greenish black haze where she should have been. I knocked on this car she past and asked the dudes if they saw a woman in black walk past and they said yeah and when they looked were like where the fuck she go. So I just kept walking home.

Another one of those wtf life moments where I’m thinking either I’m going crazy or some shit is really happening like when I was younger.


Nice dream.


When I finished eating and drinking and him talking he hoisted me up and said “tell this C.Kendall guy the remedy to your common foe is in both your blood. It’s the connection to the source behind the gate. Now time to go back to your universe connections like this don’t last forever. Don’t be too scared but I have to throw you back to your planet hence the wicked nice muscles.” And laughed maniacally as he tossed my ass.

So apparently I can make strong connections from entities from other universes but here everything is scrambled for me…I’m lost


Been diving deeper into trying to fix what’s wrong and have noticed gods/goddesses are sending messages through other entities or their lessers. Part of this search into me and whatever’s going on has put Abramelin squares in my path and trying to find one to open psychic senses. I found one for healing of “magickal sickness” so before bed drew it up and tried to open it…and…idk I’m gonna research it more. The square wouldn’t charge but a money one earlier yesterday did just by looking at it…and no candle wick would ignite for me, my frankinsense oil I dress candles with was moved from where I have it hidden, everything I ate/drank was soured after finding the healing square and when trying to draw it I went through miltiple pens with “frozen” ink and pencils wouldn’t mark the paper…WTF!!!

Showered and bed with binaural beats. Bam!!! Instantly in a dark candle lit area with a work desk covered in Enochian tablets and Abramelin squares, fragmented sigils and pieces of different types of rubik cubes. I hear an extremely deep Barry White x10 deep voice and I go to turn around and he screams “STOP!” Agiant extremely muscular, smooth ebony black skinned arm with hands as big as my chest and shiny black nails like a hooked blade gently rests on my shoulder.

He said: "You’re not ready to know me just know they hear you, they see your struggle and the wrongs against you and WANT to help but even we have rules we must play by. Think of the squares like this cube humans are so fond of. Think of it like a multidimentional gateway of power. They were ment for devices similar to that cube but the technology wasn’t in place for that time period. Let this information out to the other godforms I think some of the more experienced will understand my words on the connection. This is one piece to your puzzle. The other is you’re not one godform you’re mutiple that’s why a proper scan will be hard to get. Your energies are erratic, chaotic, raw, primal yet refind, positive and negative…universal. That’s why your 3rd eye looks like a broken mirror of rainbows- it’s not broken just another puzzle. You not only harness energy you can create energy why do you think you’re emotions can infect rooms of people and create a singular and why you could pacify your difficult stubborn child of a wife haha. Let the others know what I’ve said. The ones watching and reluctant to help will see value in what I say. Let’s see which one can figure who I am by just an arm HAHAHAHA!!!

It’s been 2-3 hours I’ve been awake and my skin feels like electricity from where his hand was placed and slightly painful.


Fuck I need to get on here more often! Meeting him is a eye opener isn’t it Lol could of told you all this but like I said I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it :slight_smile: welcome to gate my Friend sorry I havnt been on lately getting the baby stuff done … you pushed and gave loyalty a to comit that’s death before honour in my eyes …They see thru ur eyes hear from your ears , learn to speak the voice of your true self become one. Change your reality and build your foundations … just remember to hold fast to your heart thru time , trust your higher selves to guide you learn what they can do the more u send the more u reseve … keep your light bright man
Thanks for hearing me out when we first talked !


You 2 conversation kinda sounds like ours in the beginning lol


Here’s a tune from true self


Been busy but a friend of mine has been helping me out with this stuff. We came to the same assumption based on certain enviroments in the dreams and things thay were spoken about in them. One of the entities I’ve had contact with for years through dreams is Lucifuge Rofocale. So, I did a banishing and a mirror invoke/evoke last night and got some pretty fuckin crazy results. He finally appeared in the mirrior when I told him “I was never afraid since I was a kid and the last time we spoke you said I had to lose everything first. Well I fuckin did so I’m ready. But prove you’re the real deal.” He disappeared with a shit grin and I got upset thinkin I fucked up. Then I felt a small but hard pinch and this happened. My back’s too wide and arms big enough I can’t scratch like that let alone do it that specific. It was gone 5 minutes later. I sketched what I saw before it disappeared.


Yesterday at work and when I got home kept feeling spider webs and things crawling on me and wasn’t freaked out. Realized spiders this time of year don’t happen cause of the weather where and location where Im at. So, banish banish banish after saying only the entities Ibe called can stay and things concerning them. Well the invisible spiders stayed. Said fuck it scrubbed my ass and made an offering to Lucifuge and when I came out the bathroom with the lights off a blacker than darkness thing was by the cup of coca cola I offered. Lights on and it vanish. Nothing new so sat down and noticed a weird symbol in the soda so I drew it. Something urged me to try scrying(2nd time ever consciously) so I did it with the soda and asked what was crawling on me today and swirled it around and let it settle. Low and be fuckin hold a film starts forming a spider here’s the drawing of it


Hey brother . The spider I believe is a symbol of one of your higher selves… he reason why I couldn’t tell you who the creature with the arm that spoke with you cause it isn’t time to do so … a lot of shit is going on man but your doing fucking awsome , I was told a story by a horned one with a harpoon tail that is my protector he’s a demon . The story was about a gift he gave to the female version of him and that was a spider … ever notice the brown webs above windows or above your bed with no spiders insight ? Those are her webs … since I havnt been able to get on here much to check in with you cause my baby was born a week ago :partying_face: the one you spoke with that had black cubes and alchemy sigils with long glass like nails , it was him I met that started my path to do what I’ve been greatful and fortunate to be able to help you the ways needed for your true path . He fixed and healed me so I could have a child and my lost soulmate that I wasn’t sapose. To find but did , he sparred my life because I pasted his ungodly test that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. it’s been along road and wasn’t easy but it’s totally worth it! Like he said we have rules and guidelines so I can only guide you but your in hands with the guides you have with you , there’s a bunch of them lol my name is Tristan Macleod I’m from Canada on the coast of the Atlantic… if u have messenger Tris o Macleod if want that be the fastest way for contact if needed , your part of the family brotha :metal:


Dude i just noticed the bottom is a foundation symbol as protectors of the isle of sky … remember i mentioned you genetic background in your family history goes way back … I used broken chunks of granite in a variety of colours , what u did with the fiz on the top of your glass can be done anywheres on anything . Your energy frequencies are like no other but you … there also a part of the watchers but as human we have mineral balance in our body to work perfectively also creates energy that depends thru our hands once you pick a rock up stair thru calmly and clear minded, follow the different shapes as they are symbols to … the luthorage there’s still one above him as his creator . That gate holds your true self on the other side with other creators as the original entities that been here all along … your family secret was ment for you to discover and you are a part of the foundations of the pyramids …just remember , hold fast


So, learned from a friend’s invocation apparently Lucifuge Rofocale has been behind the scenes my entire life orchestrating some huge ass test that’s led up to this point in my life. This is the make or break part and Lucifuge told them to tell me just hold on a lil longer and if I can he’ll help me with everything I’ve asked for as long as I honor my end. He also blocked me magically so I don’t “cheat the system.”

So, been busy with work and just focusing on meditation, breathing, senses and trying to visualize again and I think it’s slowly working again- the basics. Yesterday before work I sat down cleared my head to empty and just stayed like that not really focussing on anything other than breathing. About 20-30 minutes shit started happening. Faint rainbow dust/energy started moving around in all directions. Very thin branched gold lightning started appearing all over in the blackness. Then a sun appears and all the energy blows out of it turning black with black and gold energy radiating off of it. Imagine black energy mixed into the gold in the second picture.


Today, I decided to try again and used Om to chill and focus. 20 minutes in I change to “Mesh ka rel luhn sim ba ta rel luhn tin sughel” for astral senses and botched it to holy hell. Still got the faint rainbow dust and gold lightning but this time the visualization was of a long Pentagon shaped hallway that led to blackness.


Do you want to sit with the kings of hell as a general of hells army Which is why you are one of many in the shape shift because you can create energy use peoples energy change rooms environment Change to make people quiver for no reasons while you just sit there and stare into space like nothing. Which is why you are one of many and you r a shape shifter because you can create energy use peoples energy change rooms environment make people quiver for no reasons why you just sit there and stare into space like nothing or an emps bitch ? If u continue to go down that hall to hell you have no idea what your in for! Everything will end . This is why I repeatedly tell you to hold fast to your light your heart, and your purpose. All these tests that you’re being put through is to teach and show you Who you are and what the unwritten unfindable knowledges to that because it’s personal personalized and carefully positioned for reasons that I’m not there to tell you but God you because just like he says they are rules of all and guidelines and I stress on them as much as they do because his balance and perfection to what’s been here all along to create this world that we know wh Who you are and what the unwritten unfindable knowledges to that because it’s personal personalized and carefully positioned for reasons that I’m not there to tell you but guide you because just like he says they are rules and guidelines and I stress on them as much as they do because it balance and perfection to what’s been here all along to create this world that we know. A lot of what I said in the beginning when we first started not only holds a lot of keys to some of the questions and there’s a lot of hints that all the answers but also on who I am and why I reached out to you. We all have a job to do and the ones that are on this forum that are very experienced and have the knowledge of understanding would know what I’m saying and talking about . what you have experienced the hand Is the one entity that only chosen ones are allowed to now and you will eventually as time goes on when he told you to hold on a little while longer is the same thing in the same advice that I gave you to hold fast do you liv is the one entity that only chosen ones are allowed to now and you will eventually as time goes on when he told you to hold on a little while longer is the same thing and the same advice that I gave you to hold fast . I too have experienced my whole life with entities not even realizing it I had no knowledge of all of this and everything I know now since January 20, 2018 I wrote a story as my intro when I first joined this forum . It was my first time speaking The truth about my experience online for everyone to see because on here not only humans see it and read it they’re the same as the ones that here through her years and see-through eyes walls really do talk . Everything you’ve learned is what you’ll remember as to who you were but now everything you’re doing is nothing like it’s actually the next step your advancement and when I mean by that is you have to be creative and test different things different ways different methods but do the right thing take what you know make the right choices and change for the better For what you believe the world as it should be. There’s so much I want to tell you that would help you a lot with an understanding it just basic conversation between two humans but I can’t talk to you on here about that it’s more on a personal level on my side of things because I owe it to you to share … soon you’ll see how important this really is and what’s actually waiting for you as your placement to why you were even born with your genetics and that you were planned for them for what’s coming and for what you’ve been experiencing now …


Learned some crazy shit in the past few days. Something Lucifuge did to me weeks ago I realized was possibly pointing me to Cohzier to help me with a cumdumpster in the clouds. Baphomet gave a message to a friend of mine pertaining to my situation. Fuck even Belphagor is reaching out to me for what Idk yet…shit is getting pretty crazy lol

Tonight I focused on breath work and grounding and chose the solar grounding standing on the sun and earth. Got down to 2-3 breaths almost every 60 seconds for 20 minutes with ease once I got passed the choking feeling.

6sec out- 1/4 JCI influence left into earth as broken energy
6sec hold
6sec in- gold energy filled 1/4 of empty space
6sec hold
Repeat until filled

Every time gold energy came in it incinerated JCI influence/shackles until nothing was left. Once my visualized body was filled it started to throb on its own I didn’t plan on that at all. My real physical body started to heat up and throb in unison. Once I felt the veins and nerves in my jaw start throbbing pain kicked in(broken tooth) so visualized shrinking back to normal and resumed regular size.

For a month now been having trouble charging sigils after those fuckin Abramellin squares. Tonight I was able to charge Cohzier sigil within seconds after I tried removing JCI influence from me. Asked for his help and said once I figure out an offering I’ll give it to him. I go to my duffle bag to get some clothes and I find a pistachio half right under my boxers…gotta love these guys lol.


It’s neat isn’t it Lol just like magic… stuff like that happens to me every day . These ones can come in any shape and form that includes people . Don’t stress if you find throughout your seeking if you were wrong on some things or didn’t quite see the full message because how do you know if you’re doing something right , you first have to mess up in some places. That creates wisdom and gains you knowledge . In my opinion you’re doing excellent and I’m grateful for that


So, today did a 30 minute meditation following the same process as last night. This time I used the black sun. Once my body was filled it would switch between black and gold energy with each breath. I decided to try something different. Every time I breathed out forcefully, my visualized body would slam it’s hands together destroying anything inside that’s negative to my growth with the blast. Each time there was a cosmic explosion I physically felt shit leaving me. I started breaking out in a heavy sweat with a cold minty tear drop shape forming from my 3rd eye down to my mouth. Felt shit swirling around my body and my spine felt like it wanted to explode…I kept going. Each blast mixed the black n gold until in the end I was marbled with it and purple, black and gold lightning eminating all around- not expected at all and this is where shit gets interesting and I lost control of the process. I wanted to try and connect to and envision my patron. Instead, my visualization went to my spine and black energy shot from the base of my spine and popped my crown chakra open like broccoli. My spine turned into a double helix with one bar gold and white the other black and purple. The little bars in the middle were every color like a rainbow some bars colors were mixed. I felt something come out my throat and 2 serpents appear a white n gold viper the other a black n purple cobra. Cobra bites into my right trap muscle the viper clamps down on the left. I immediately feel pulled into myself WAY fuckin deeper than Ive ever been and LITERALLY felt I was a god there was nothing in my way and anything in my way I’d fuckin remove it from existence if it hindered progress of all. I was life, death, creation, destruction, love, hate, joy, sorrow, all the seasons, light, darkness, etc- I was everything and nothing. Another vision happens of the black sun slamming into to moon and absorbing it followed by the same thing happening to our sun. Then the black sun starts throwing off black and white solar flares with gold and blackish purple lightning too. After that I shrink down to my regular self and open my eyes. My legs felt like they were gonna run on their own if I didn’t get off my ass and get moving so walked the dog. I feel different but trying to figure out how to explain is proving difficult.

W…T…f…was that all about. I tried breaking out of it but I couldn’t so said fuck it lets roll lol.


Fuck yeah that was quick LOL !! Fucking amazing feeling but fucked up all at the same time lol now all you have to do is figure out which ones they are and why they are attached to you but in the long run you’ll Discover your true And the mission that set for you… you have many powers and abilities just like they do. Let time bring you what time has for you to do, each step of the piece to the puzzle as the riddle in stone .

So what do you think , you Ready to buy the ticket and take the ride lol


Remember about a month or so ago when I explain to you about your colours and numbers , and the true purpose for your chakras and how you can become gold When you go through your steps before your final transformation you’re heavily watched and guided till you passed the seven gates .You pretty much gone through your own testament the past 4 years in this lifetime . Now you been awakened Those two serpents wrap up your spine thru your 33 vertebraes Completely connecting all your neurological system to the divine sources You also have grounded to below and now connected with above .There is a lot behind The colors and shades . But here’s the catch what you saw that come out of the black sun that came into you ,what do you really think that was or I should say who from where lol