How you found your patron

A thing that’s been on my mind recently is my patron spirit. Or moreover, my lack of knowing who mine is. I’ve tried searching on here to try and find things to help, but I’m still left unsure. A lot of people mention it’s just whichever spirit who you feel a connection to. There are some who I have, but those were more in the moment things than current ones. Like a while ago I felt a connection with Lucifer and considered working with him, but in the end I didn’t end up doing it because I was way too busy. There aren’t really any spirits right now who I feel connected with. So how am I meant to find who it is? Do a roulette of spirits until one vibes with me? Or are there actual techniques I can use to find them? And as the title suggests, share how you found yours below.

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When I actually had a patron I just went up to Thanatos in projection and asked him, he agreed.

there’s no special technique, you just ask and see if they agree.


Not a method that’s worked for me. I felt most connected to Sallos for the longest time, but really haven’t got any results to speak of.years later I still have his enn memorized.

Also haven’t had much luck with astrological chart methods.

It just seems like an inefficient way to do it though. Having to summon any spirit who might be your patron sounds like it’d take a while. I guess I should ask if they are necessary though. It seems like it’d be nice to have one, but I’m not exactly sure why a person would need one/

You don’t automatically have a patron, it’s a choice between two consenting individuals, you and the spirit.

It’s not inefficient because that’s how it’s suppose to be, it’s not the same as people thinking they automatically have a guardian demon or angel.

Patrons act as teachers/guides.


This is going to be an extra hot topic when GoM releases their ‘Holy Guardian Angel’ book.

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I’d rather work side-by-side with a Matron, just my own personal preference.


What’s the difference between a matron and patron?

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Matron being a femmine/female deity/spirit/etc.

Patron being the masculine/male.


Patron is gender neutral…

I initiated in the LHP, and Lucifer led me to my patron King Belial

I dont think there is a technique per say either ask a spirit or ask if there are any spirits interested in becoming your matron/patron. You can have more than one of each as well. When you find a spirit that you would like to be your matron/patron offer them a candle and an incense and formally accept their patronage.


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Lucifer Came to me when I was quite young. After we talked over a period of time He pledged himself to me & in return I to him. I was 12 years old at the time. I reaffirmed that pledge just this morning.

Were others have failed me, He hasn’t yet.

I have a Matron and a Patron. They both made it painfully obvious very early on in my life. The Morrigan has visited me many times in dreams and through correlations that have happened too many times for me to count. Even those around me have noticed from time to time. Belial is my Patron spirit and I have his sigil tattooed on my ribs as dedication for all that he’s done. They’ve both gotten me out of so many bad situations that I can’t express my gratitude to them enough.

As far as how to find one, perhaps think for a moment on any common themes in your life that happen repeatedly? numbers that always occur, animals that seem to follow you, things that you’re drawn to ect. Could be someone reaching out to you. Aside from that, you could always do a ritual asking for one to step forward. Or even just choose one while knowing and disclosing to them that it may be temporary.

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She found me.

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This thing about patrons and matrons can be a problem. Even if the first months indeed the true spirit comes the majority of the times when summoned at some moment later will not. That is the moment when those stubborn practitioners create some thaughtforms. You can see this by people who say they have the same patron over 15 years and stuff like that. Are mostly ugly persons innerly and outwardly with bad health and chronic diseases and are strange :flushed:

The relationships with spirits are free and in a continous dynamic. It’s all about love and growth.

You could make a mandala showing the Goetic spirits in a circle and throw a stone on the center and see what spirit this stone lands on this technique is called weirding.
Obviously you need to be concentrating on the question “which spirit wants to work with me”

It just happened over time. We’ve worked pretty frequently with each other and it kind of “clicked” overall. There was no rocket science behind it.

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I found mine through a tarot spread, a hint from another demon and sheer coincidence.

Prince Orobas my patron…