How would you take it if


you were scrying for a specific goetic entity with their sigil and another entinty shows up? as in you call for vassago but get barbatos instead?
and vassago shows up afterwards


It would depend on my goals, if I had a very specific task I was performing then I would banish so I could keep things moving on track. Otherwise I would just see how things go. But even that isn’t hard and fast, my intuitive feelings would play a big role in my decision process.

I can only assume this happened to you, how did it go down?


i saw how things went. i had evoked the first entity that came a few days before so when i saw him again i knew exactly who it was. i reaffirmed what i called him for previously, sent him on his way again and the correct entity came shortly afterwards.


Interesting… is there a theory/explanation behind this?


Maybe you should evoke him again to see why he’s being persistent…