How would you name yourself?

Hey, for some reason I’m unsure how to address myself in a petition.

Let’s say for instance I want a pink ball.
I know that petition needs to be in present tense to work. So how you address yourself?

I’m having a pink ball (I’m afraid to use this because anyone who will own a pink ball can say this if the petition takes place)

XY(my name) has a pink ball. (But then it feels like I’m not casting to myself and the whole thing feels like I’m just a stranger in this while I’m talking about myself)

I, XY(my name) have a pink ball (seems the best version?)

But the real problem comes when there is a petition with 2 names and one of them is you. Would you refer yourself as me or I, or write your name.
And also if you write your name, surely you need to write DOB, because you want to make sure it’s you not someone else with the same name.

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I use my physical name or true name(s)


Dante, from Dante’s inferno.


“I, Nimosdomus have the pink ball”

I don’t think you would need to write your DOB. The petition also has your energy (from you writing it) so that will be good. But yeah I just use my name.

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Not really. I never ask this information when I am reading or doing work for others, it’s not necessary. I just need to know roughly who I am doing the work for. As long as I know who I mean, any spirits involved will know who I mean too. When it comes to myself, I know who myself is, and it because even more unnecessary.

When I am doing work for others, I ask for a single name that means something between the individual and the target. It can be Honeyboo Bear for all I care, because I just need to be able to figure out, from their energy, who the target is.

As far as addressing myself in works, I do it sometimes when I am calling an entity. I use my souls name, I, xxxx call you. Other than that, I rarely use a name, but there is nothing wrong with using your given name, and if you dislike it, there’s many methods for choosing or gaining a magical name.

IF I was writing a petition, I would use I. I usually wouldn’t name myself, but if I did, I would do it like I call on spirits and say I, xxx


Your DOB isnt needed since you’re writing the letter/petition your energy signature is already in it. Everything we write, type, pictures we take of ourselves, what we touch, we leave our energy signature/energetic fingerprint.


This sounds like something I’ve never heard before, can you link anything regarding this?

Actually having a magician name sounds good. Or if I already have one, just find it :slight_smile:

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I haven’t used any of the methods, but I know @C.Kendall posted a youtube video on it a few days ago, and if you use google, there’s a lot of ways to do it. :slight_smile:

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it’s mostly held within the pagan/wiccan community you could look there.

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