How Would You Like To Die?


I think about this so often lmao.


Riding a giant nuclear missile that will destroy all earth


I will die making sure my last breath is a curse on all my enemies throughout my life


Yeah natural deaths or deaths via disease are so lame, unless it’s like leprosy or something.


I would like to go like a yogi. I’ll just will myself to die and spiral out of this beast of burden.


In my own bed. At the age of eighty… With a belly full of wine, and a girl’s mouth around my cock


In my sleep at a ripe old age, when I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do.



Well at an old age but still with healt enough so i font have to spend my last time not knowing where i am or whats happening around me.
Then being beheaded in a swordduel sounds like a fairly cool way to go.


Drive by


After an orgasm…