How Would You Like To Die?


I’ll go down fighting. Don’t die with a clean sword.


Assuming I don’t meet with an accident, I’ll not wait for infirmity and illness to take my choices from me.

I’ll choose a time, abandon my wallet and things in a hostel locker, dress in only biodegradable clothing, carry a knife with a wooden handle, and hike deep into the woods for several days, probably the Schwarzwald that covers parts of Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. There if I didn’t die of exposure (if it’s winter I won’t survive that long without tech gear) very privately I’ll open my veins and pass. The animals will clean up the body and hopefully scatter the bones. Within a few weeks to years the last traces will have disintegrated, the bones and knife too, and I will have just disappeared.

What I don’t want, is to leave a body, to be manhandled, embalmed or cremated by strangers, at great cost to the environment, and expense to my family. Not my thing.


I don’t know I have found that when one body dies your soul or whatever you wish to call it simply sit around waiting for another to come that it dems worthy I personally wouldn’t mind it because I have been pretty rough with this one and a new one sounds awesome. Also I’d like to see my wife again for longer nthen a couple of hours.


You truly are a warrior and I hope if you die in that way a saga is written about you I would love to read it and meet nyounin Valhalla


I tend to agree. :joy: If my body can be kept frozen or something else, if I die of disease I want to come back when they find a cure for it or age itself. I’m not going out without a fight against not for it. Just don’t wanna get cloned really, my mind would not be the same! I want that too and all that that implies. (minus a few neg or faulty bits maybe :laughing:) :woman_artist::candle::crystal_ball:


I would prefer to Astral travel and just not re enter my body I’ve asked about my death and I am going to die of a heart attack but if I could pick I would pick suicide by jumping off a bridge into the water or gun to the head

  1. Yellowstone!!!
    Go big or go home!

  2. Heart stop in a major ritual.

  3. Swan dive from the roof of the Burj Khalifa.

  4. Ritual suicide.

  5. Old age, surrounded by loved ones, letting them know that death is simply another step in my ascension.

To quote The Joker: If I am to have a story, I prefer it to be multiple choice.


Preferably. I would like to die peacefully in my sleep. I almost died of hypothermia when I was a kid, and it was very peaceful and not painful at all. I’d like to end like that. No pain. No sound. Just peaceful darkness and silence.


Without hesitation and without a doubt, I would want to die of a drug overdose. With all the drugs I love in my body… alittle morbid but yeah, to die from something you love, I think it’s perfect. Lol


Sleeping pills enough to never wake up again, somewhere peacefull alone in the grass at night, gazing the stars.


I wish to be old and grey upon my death bed, and just as the death rattle grips me, a meteor vaporize me back into the ether.


Huh… I want to freeze to death. Maybe not that comfortable first, but you’ll get to feel warm inside again in its final stage. It’s like “Ah, thats much better” and then, whush, death happens. That’s nice.


Ah… I don’t really care how will I die, the real question is how will I return? :smirk::wink:


Kicking and screaming?




I don’t intend on dying in the traditional sense. Ever.


Well. If I had a choice then it would be from a Galactus sized OMNI GOD punching with its flaming gargantuan fist slamming into me into the earth (hopefully I’m on a rock mountain leaving the largest volcanic crater EVER into the earth with a shockwave so powerful it upsets the moon and much of the planet.




On tons of IV heroin, while eating tons of powerful pharmaceutical opioids and Xanax, washed down with Wild Turkey 101


I’d like to die young and with some notice, the idea of getting older scares me a lot.