How Would You Like To Die?


Sociopaths have probably been around since the dawn of the human race, so if natural selection hasn’t phased them out by now it’s unlikely it ever will. Natural selection operates on both the level of the individual and the species as a whole; on the level of the individual, I’d argue that sociopathy can actually be adaptive towards an individual’s genes as it enables them to more easily kill any threats in their way without the problem of restraining empathy and it allows them to (in the male case) have multiple short-term sexual relationships, get the woman pregnant, and move on with no qualms.

What’s interesting is the latest research, though, that seems to show that sociopaths actually do have the capability for empathy; they can just choose to shut it off when it benefits them. Now that would be a convenient off-on switch, IMO! :smiling_imp:


What? I never implied that. The question asked how would I like to die, I said fighting for what is right.

Other users disagreed with me, claiming Morales are made up, when infact science has proven they are ingrained in us. I dont get your arguement.


Good point. I personally believe no one is born a sociopath, it is through life experiences and trauma that can bring a man or woman to such a state.


I landed here because I want to learn, looking at your guys and your threads for example.


Sorry man. That is an honorable way to go out. My hat tipped to you.


Hahaha, So funny you pushed that thought!
My mum warned me and tried to keep me from Training Astral projection with horror storys about people coming back to their body believing just an hour went by, when actually hundreds of years passed while away. Finding a Dead Corpse which held no more value to the Yogi.
I’d say it’s similar to Death while sleeping tho.
The one type of Death that i actually dislike is the most common in Video Gaming:
Head Shot.
That Nasty sucker actually is intended to block reincarnation, it’s for destroying the Agna Chakra.
I protected myself against that form of Blockage, still, i don’t like that one.
It would according to my understanding take several atempts to regain a usuable Tulpa, for an accaptable re-inc.



I’ve always planned to climb Mt. Everest when I’m old and feel its time to go. I love the idea of slowly freezing to death. I think it would be incredibly meditative and peaceful. Plus once you get high enough they can’t take your body back down so you stay up there frozen. Its like a form of mummification. Then later on when technology progresses enough they could always thaw me out and bring me back :slight_smile:

Or, in case I make it to the top, and back down successfully, well that’s not bad either for advanced old age. then I suppose I would figure out a new plan :slight_smile:


I want to transition peacefully in my sleep, However, I want my will to state that when I pass on, I want my shell dumped in the spring feeding the reservoir drinking water facing up stream with my mouth open. That way, all the folks who enjoyed screwing with me can enjoy their water with the taste of water running in my mouth and flowing out my ass. Ass water for all , I am buying. :beer::beer::beer:


Pretty boring, but I’d like to die peacefully of old age. lol

What happens afterwards is a different story though! I want to be turned into a diamond. I convinced my husband to use his ashes to make a sword so then my diamond can rest in the hilt and create a powerful relic for our children.


As long as I go down fighting that’s all I care about. I doubt I’ll reach an old age and drift off peacefully.


If i put into account events so far and life experiences so far im guessing i will die by being literally stabbed in the back. I would hoqever like to die alone and in peace. Without anyone even knowing that i died.


You can be both protected from as to transcend the causes of death :wink:

the thing is that dying physically is an option, it is a choice, though for many it seems to be ‘mandatory’
but it is not. If you go far enough in your degree of selfmastery you can have such mastery over molecules that you can literally live forever, while having full cosmic access.

Some examples can be ascended masters, that mastered both dark and light,
Asenath mason’s book qlippothic meditations talks about it too, about beings that can help you attain physical immortality. Asenath Mason offers a left hand path solution to physical immportality, there are right hand path solutions and there are middle path solutions to immortality.

Belial for example is a master of black alchemy, he should surely know,
but there are more that can talk to you about it.

Death is the result of thoughts directed towards the illusion of dying or death.
Thoughts that need to be placed in a new perspective, by being transcended, preferably through gnosis.
Satan can absolutely help you transcend death too…;

Also if you ask them beings can reverse your aging process and make you look younger.
I asked it to demons and angels alike, and surely they can do that, and so does our higher archetypes and lower ones too…;

You can be both protected from as to transcend the causes of death, if you just ask.

When I was 18 I was initiated in a temporary state of physical , thus real molecular immortality,
I was in a state where my body cells where in a modus of eternal regeneration. All my chakras were open, and I was aware that if I would touch someone who had lost an arm, that person would instantly reproduce a 3D arm, taken from a higher dimensional blueprint of that person- a projection of consciousness.


Death caused by hysterical laughter while in a heavy, heavy trance might be an interesting way to sign out, energetically speaking. I might get recycled as a stand up comic, lol.


There was a Greek philosphor who died laughing at one of his own jokes, so that is very possible :slight_smile:


How would i like to die?

Through a sheer surge of power and Godhood that rips every fuckin cell of my body to pieces thus bringing about simultaneous Death and Ressurection


Proabably skydiving on a crapload of psychedelics


Feeling compelled to answer so here I go.

In combat, rifle and 240 empty with two melted barrels covering the landing zone getting my brothers to safety. In close with blade in hand; not giving an inch of ground. Moving forward to break their momentum and put the fear of my Gods into their hearts and souls. They will never know my name, but they will remember the terror that I will instill.

As far as evoking me afterwards, before my death I hope to release my personal Sigil so that I may be of assistance to others on their path.


I want to die as an old man, who is enlightened and has a strong connection to the spirit world, fully able to perceive spirits and receive words and information from higher powers. I want to know it’s my time to go, or I’m nearing it. I want to meditate somewhere peaceful and beautiful, out in nature by a body of water, I want to be fully at peace and just float out of my body by choice.


Sitting on a throne on the edge of the world…kinda edgy but hey


Likely with my crazy plans it’ll be death by crazy craft experiment. Now whether that will be an experiment in metal, wood, glass, resin or some other kind of material i dunno…

Hmmm…:thinking: then i could be cremated and the carbon in the ashes used to make a few sorcerous implements (blacksmith hammer,wood and glass carving tools ect) infused with me crafting craziness :alien: