How Would You Like To Die?


Science has nothing to do with morality, which is a subjective value judgement made by the individual. Sure, altruistic behavior and empathy provide cohesion and stability for a group or tribe, thereby helping it survive, but so does waging warfare on other tribes, killing their men, and raping their women to pass the aggressor tribe’s genes on down.

As far as how I would like to die? Honestly, I wouldn’t (:joy:), but if I had to pick, it’s a toss-up between death by sexual exhaustion or literally having my brain cells overheat and explode, spraying bits of neural goo everywhere, as I finally comprehend the ultimate meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. :metal:


I would like to die with myself spewing blood and being cut and shaking in some of my vital organs. I want a violent death. So if and when i reach the afterlife it would be a great catalyst for work



I will reslectfully disagree.

Science has proven humans have an innate desire to do good through studies on new born babies and analysis of other animals and their values.

We can debate this, maybe not here though.


In battle like a proper Klingon!


I want to jump out of a plane naked covered in feathers and wearing a pigeon mask and plow into some random guys suv on the highway


Start a thread and I’ll be happy to debate ya. For what it’s worth though, science doesn’t “prove” anything, it only can disprove hypotheses. Moreover, yes, some young children and infants do exhibit altruistic behavior, but others exhibit complete lack of empathy and sadistic tendencies (think sociopaths). “Good” and “evil” are just labels we put on other people to go along with our emotional judgments of them; these labels vary depending on changing societal attitudes, how we are raised, and our neurological makeup.

There is no such thing as a truly objective standard for what is right and what is wrong, although we can get together and try to come up with an intra-subjective definition that will work for most people. Doesn’t make it objectively true, however.


A hot 20-something supermodel/porn star screwing me via cowgirl and choking me right at the climax.


Hell yeah in battle. Skal


Science doesent prove anything? Thats a very bold statement.

We arent born with some set morales that we can define, we dont exactly know what is truly right and wrong, we just feel it.

Moving away from all the wrongs in the world, we would consider a morally correct thing to be something like, teamwork?

Well, such a concept is essential for our survival, if humans dont work together to a certain extent, we can all die. So, it is something that is apart of our evolutionary pathway.

Even animals exhibity such behavours. I wont go into that now.

For the sake of not turning this thread into a scientific discussion, I will open a new thread, maybe in a day or 2. Right now im busy with some revision. Thank you.


whether you believe in objective good or not, in the context of darwinism, empathy and altruism exist for the benefit of the species, therefore a sociopath without these traits, i believe, is actually incredibly weak and therefore natural selection will phase them out


When the time is right and I feel that my purpose here has been done, maybe around 70 or 80 years old, I want me and my wife to take pills and fall asleep in eachother’s arms, so that we will never have to live one moment without the other, cheating the fundamental principles of life.

I will teach my kids and my loved ones to see death as happiness and rebirth, I want them to be relieved and joyful that me and my wife will leave our physical forms.
I want them not to feel sorry for our death, but to celebrate our life.

So there, in our last moments, maybe we will cry, but we will be crying of happiness, happiness that we lived such a beautiful life and that we found eachother. I’ll tell my girl how much I love her and how she is everything to me, even if that won’t be necessary, as I will asure her of this every single day. I will look into her beautiful, loving eyes one more time, and then our souls will leave our bodies, and the earth will exhale once more.


Very, good point!


simple,quick and on my terms.:sunglasses:


yeah but bleeding hearts usually destroy themselves and the people around them?


It’s not how i want to die but how i want to be put to rest, that raises a great question maybe a magick ceremonial funeral something like that


Science has proven humans have an innate desire to do good through studies on new born babies and analysis of other animals and their values.

So the innate idea to do good lands you on a black magic board?


I think I would like to die gloriously in battle with my honor elevated and a death worthy of the saga.


Awesome. @Fuego


How would I like to die, Hmmm. I would say I would like to die with dignity, consciously , if possible while standing. Like white’‘fucking’’ beard. I have heard that most people shit their pants and wet themselves at their last moment. Certainly don’t want that.