How Would You Like To Die?


i wouldn’t.
Remeber the last few quite to well…



@ Nick, Truth is relative, to who’s meanings and desires are woben inside the Information that get’s processed,
In that sense - Truth is an illusion at best, and a complete falsehood in it’s own at worst. :wink:

-oh well, i should propably claim some demon or devil channeled that through me. Belial would suit quite well. xD
-except, nope, sorry, learned that during my childhood already.



If I’m healthy I’d like to pass in my sleep. If I’m terminal give a good shot of morphine and let sleep in peace.




Screaming in primal terror as my parachute fails to open.


I dont disagree with you in the slightest, in many broad ideas yes the truth is relative. However, there are many universal truths, if I say 2+2=4 that is undeniable truth. Regarding universal truths, those who deny it are either insane or illogical.

However, no one wants to die for a simple maths equation. The truth, is justice. Most of humanity can agree murder is wrong, rape is wrong, stealing is wrong and many other malicous acts are wrong. Thus, there are universal truths which ARE NOT SUBJRCTIVE. Such as our innate desire to do thats right.

Fighting for the truth does not imply one must fight for a religion, god or gods, fighting for the truth implies one must fight for what is right.


Arguably, people do all the time, wars over finances, greed, or worse. :confused:

Once it’s more money than a person can need or use in that lifetime, or in 2 or 3 generations of descendents they live to see, it becomes abstract numbers just sitting on a register somewhere.

You might as well pick something worth believing in - it’s as true as anyone else’s reasons. :wink:


I want my meat suit to rupture into bloody precipitation as my goddess form bursts forth from it stepping into this world on a unique sort of red carpet hehe :sunglasses: :smiling_imp:


Well, thats not exactly what I was refering too but thank you for bringing up that point. You put it perfectly.

Personally, I believe anyone who earns in the millions should have a 100% hereditary tax imposed on them, so that money isnt passed on to many generations basically creating a bloody monarchy in society.


Well said.
Did you notice how you just sented general morals which are very in line with religious dogma?

… Demons usually not just have an understanding of all these “wrong behavoirs”, but actually lived through them. Demonology is insane to a person bound by ethic and morals.
-funnily, those demons have achieved most of their expierience on a righteus path, in their own time and life.

[qoute:] Azazel said it: Money, is influence. As people do things for money, they morally never would. [/end of qoute]

Money, is just one little illusion to shatter on the path of enlightenment. :wink:

I don’t think morphine would be fit and able to kill me off, anymore.
I’d pass out into Astral Form, and come back picking my body back up after a while.
In the case my body been to staggered from the doctors while morphined, i’d propably go out collecting souls to repair it with the Energys.
Maybe i’d give up after a few weeks.
And get a rebirth instead.



I’d prefer not to die at all but since i must I’d like to die heavily sedated while laughing my ass off at something stupid.


Let me clarify my statement, I meant a super overdose listening to:


Puff puff pass out.


Sacrificed during ecstasy by a beautiful Dark Queen, or Ascension. Either way.

I haven’t experienced either of those yet. As long as it’s interesting this time!


It does not take religion to tell us rape and murder are, wrong. Scientifically this is due to evolution, since Morality helps a species survive.


Well as my ancestors it would be in battle, that did not pan out lol…

In my sleep, but there have been times that checking out on my own seemed viable as I felt that I have seen all I care too in this life, and people through depression and PTSD.

Now how?

poisoning is not as painless as it is made out to be, and can back fire…
I has been reported that a bullet to the head feels like a bucket of cold water dowsing you, as there are not many nerve endings in the brain, but would depend on the area of the brain hit if it was not a at first fatal shot…

But having seen men die, I succumb to the fact that if it does hurt, it won’t last long and your after life awaits you, and I truly hope mine is spend in Freya’s hall to be one day reunited with the ones I love and to serve her.
The only regret I would have is leaving my daughter behind, as she is my world and will always be my little love.


In the middle of an astral projection.


One mortuary suicide pickup I was called in on by a Medical Examiner was lady that went out in a hotel room. ODed from a tank of Nitrous Oxide.


Painless anyway


Peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather and not screaming like the passengers in his car when it happened.