How Would You Like To Die?


I think been sacrificed to a god is a pretty good gift , I mean a blood sacrifice


I really would rather not die, but literally raise my body’s physical vibrations until it becomes a form of pure energy to combine with that of the spirit. The perfect exit.



Oh yes, “ascension”… If I won’t succeed, old age or a disease but without extreme suffering; it seems that the pain may be used for spiritual growth though, and I’d also try to lie on my right side, concentrate on a point of light, thinking OM… Some suggestions I’ve read about moment of death.


Simply put… in style.


in a really random way, like spontaneous combustion or a piano falling on me, something really stupid and random lol


Drunk or stoned.


Overdosing on opiates is painless. I just wish I wasn’t at a party where there were lots of people. One of whom gave me CPR until an ambulance came. I woke up a few days later with tube down my throat and a machine breathing for me.

If I had been alone I would have fell euphorically into unconsciousness and never would have woken up. Can’t think of a nicer way to go.


Like spongebob :joy:


Peacefully after a rib buffet dinner, adult refreshments and lots if pot and sex.


In the middle of an Astral projection
Imagine just seeing your silver cord brake and your like “Oh fuck”


I almost drowned as a child, it was peaceful. I don’t remember any panic or terror, more of a let’s go for a ride type of vibe. If I had to choose I would drown in the ocean before my body becomes a fleshy prison due to age or illness.


Like the bank scene in Heat


I want snap my fingers and drop dead. Kinda boring, I know, But that’s my honest answer. If we get into fetish territory however, I would like to experience an orgasm so strong that it a heart attack


Mastery of the soul and connections to the body great enough I can just sever my connection to this body forever and depart whenever I choose to as simple as astral projection. Why endure the indignities of the body dying when I can just ascend my spirit away when I choose.
Either that or in some epic way that wipes out many others like some massive natural disaster that I have enough time to harness for one last spell in this body.


Death by sun snu


Physical death is of little consequence to me, so long as I accomplish what I set out to accomplish, that being said, I would want to be launched from a cannon, no reason, it just sounds like a fun way to go.


I would like to dye protecting another person.


Surrounded by multiple dead and dying enemies, holding a sword in one hand and a gun in the other


I would like to die fighting for the truth, whatever that may be. It may be a painful or a peaceful death. It is not about how I die, rather what I die standing for.