How Would You Like To Die?


Sometimes I get the negative affirmation of wanting to shoot myself in the mouth. Though this is not near how I would want to go, at least with my present understanding of death. Blowing out the spinal column under the brain stem seems like it would be effective though I have a lot of respect for the experiences the spinal column can bring us through. Aiming for the brain would be detrimental to the experience too.

Most people only get to once, don’t you want to experience your death? My oldest desire for death would be a mix of something with blood loss. Blood makes me queasy, I think I understood why finally when I was doing a test for my new job at a ballpark. I view blood as a pure representation of my life/soul essence, whilst other people who don’t view their body as a temple gross me out. I can revel in my own blood though the blood of others weirds me out.

Another one, actually brought to light (expressed first) by my old astronomy professor was if he wanted to go, he would want to fly into the sun or something like that. While degrading towards another planets evolution, I would want to die visiting Saturn or Neptune, maybe Uranus. This is really selfish though because the bio-dome that is a human body could change the future possibilitys of life on another planet.

Most of all I would want to make a difference with my death, mankind is a spec on the spectrum of life here. If I could change the outcome… for enlightenment or survival of a species(human or animals) I could die in an altruistic fashion.

To the dismay of ears out of reach from this post, I would also think about poisoning myself with a shamanistic plant. Everyone that says be careful with such plants are looking out for my best interests to experience visionary states in a safe matter or something like that would never like to hear this. Though like the DMT that emits from the brain stem upon death, psychedelics/deliriants and death go hand in hand. There is a mystery of death, yes, though I believe we can experience death without fully abandoning this side. Or having to be resuscitated. Eric gives me hope(? what is hope) that I could penetrate these mysteries and bring the wisdom of death and darkness as an acasual manifestation on this plane. “Poisionous haze. The The philter’s steam. Deadly Nightshade and Mandragora, step into the door. Float into the dream. Take the last step into the mist.” -Johannes Andersson

On that note heres some music
[url=[url] Tombs


Personally I’d like to die suddenly, preferably before in really decrepit. I’m quite looking forward to death, morbid as it sounds, the human body really presents a lot of obstacles for magic

I spoke with a spirit once who told me about my death. It said that there wasn’t anyway to avoid dying there at that point. Including dying before. Not sure if the spirit was truthful but it still gives me a lot of peace of mind


Real Gods never die.


Death is a transitionary state. Real Gods do not fear this and insteae choose how and when they Transition and into what and whatever destination.


I think Tyrion Lannister has some good ideas about how he wants to die.


i wanna die old and happy, budweiser in one hand and either a cigarette or joint in the other, sitting out on my front porch. maybe itll take a few weeks for anyone to find my body maybe not…oh well


i wanna master kriya yoga and take a mahasamadhi when there is no purpose left in life…escaping via the sahasra…in my godform…to experience other realities of existence specially the bardos and continue my ascent!


how would i die? oooh thats hard. id say id like to die by assassination. by knife to the throat specifically


I would like to die by experiencing so much has energy and power my body gets destroyed. that’s if I had to die


I had a dream once that I was talking with a Native American ancestor of mine, then all of a sudden nuclear explosions started happening all around as far as the eyes could see in every direction until we were taken out by one, then the dream ended. I’d say that’s how I’d like to go out.


It might sound cliche, but I would love a Victorian death. To live healthily and full of mind until about 95-100 years old, and to be able to say good bye to everyone. But only after I have completed all of my goals, fought in a war or two, lived to see many of my rituals alter reality. I want to welcome death. The only way that this can be achieved is by knowing that I have lived to my full and absolute potential, and never sold out to careerism, media slag, or lock step religiosity.


[quote=“Lady Eva, post:1, topic:6554”]Magick usually assumes it’s about watching other people die, the goals of religion and the afterlives thereof are too personal (you only can ever affect or influence yourself) but for necromancy, I wondered - how would you like to die?

I have my methods chosen and the reasons, I know a lot about anatomy, neuroscience, etc…

Let’s ghoul-out, and talk about this? :slight_smile:

Especially since I might be evoking your spooky ass, if you die before me![/quote]

Well, I’m a thrill seeker, but not a masochist so…

I’d like to be kidnapped and killed the next day like Dexter kills people? :stuck_out_tongue:

Idfk lol.

I just know where I want to go after I die, not how I want to die.

Considering the fact that I’m going to forget it all, it doesn’t occur to me that I might actually care.


I have thought about this pretty much from time to time… There are many interesting deaths, though I’m not sure which one I would pick if I had to choose. But here are a few… The first ones are more curiositys.

Because I have a huge fascination for snake venom, I would like to take a bite from a black mamba or south american rattlesnake, just lay down comfty in my bed with my arms crossed over my chest, and die peacefully, while experiencing the venom take effect.
As an ex drug addict, dying in a heroin overdose in a casket or something also sounds appealing, since I didn’t get that far in my career of abusing drugs… luckily, kind of…

Now to the more interesting and relevant things. Some kind of “black magic Tukdam” would be very interesting indeed…
Or a Qliphotic ritual suicide, ascending into the primordial chaos void/traversing the border to Universe B.

The list could be long, so I’ll just keep it short!


On my feet swinging!


DEATH BY SNU SNU!!! Lol… :wink:


Fast and painless


From my current standpoint, i can hardly ask myself that question.

However, i’m fascinated by the question, what exatcly, allows a Soul, to attach to physical matter, or rather, how soul-conciousness is Rebound to the molecules, that later turn into a being.

We all know, seeds come from trees.

But the treeless seed, is what i mean.

¥He may know.¥




Especially since I might be evoking your spooky ass, if you die before me!

Lady Eva, where’s the Point in waiting?

For Equox, it doesn’t matter, if one is alive, or passed.

xyou should, however, use the right turn.
ClockWise, time expands,
Counter ClockWise time implodes.

the reason underworld is used, is just becouz there are always more non-incarnated ones,
then incarnated ones.



Been sacrificed by other to offer me to a deidad


I usually imagine myself dying in three ways as follows:

Ritual Suicide

Natural Causes (age, sickness, ect)

Brutally Killed by someone else (for some reason getting hit by a truck comes to mind)