How would yall interpret this?

Ok so last night I attempted to contact Lucifer. Moreso just to introduce myself ask that he accepts me as his students and pretty much just guide me along this journey. Anyway I was using my tarot deck as a means of receiving any response or messages etc and drew these three. Much to my surprise, he answered! The 7 of Rods, 2 of Cups and the Hanged Man reversed I already know how I’m interpreting them but one thing that interests me with tarot is how others interpret them differently.


Youre the only one in your corner, you gotta show yourself some love and respect, otherwise youre going to miss the opportunity to learn and grow, there’s no greater teacher to prepare to take you further than yourself at the moment. Don’t take my word exactly though, but a self discipline to make yourself more in tune could be whats been asked of maybe resolve something internal or more self reliant to start. Also in my experience, Lucifer likes to call you out on your shit to make you a better you, and won’t help at all unless you are willing to lay the foundations. Hope that helps


I dont know anything about divination but believe in yourself and ask guidence to the subject. Lucifer will accept anyone who’s willing to learn as long as you respect him. Were all student’s after all we never stop learning :wink: