How would spirit shapeshifting work

Recently I have seen a few posts about people “shapeshifting” their astral bodies, but how would this work or be achieved? And what effects would it have?
Thank you for your time

Imagine you’re a cat, your arms get longer and touch the floor, feel a tail grow, bingo - you shapeshifted in your imagination, which is the first stage to astral shapeshifting.

It gets more intense and your mind will start to be affected by the forms you take, which may linger after you shape back, but that act of imagining it is the first step.

It can happen without you consciously willing it, but that’s not likely to happen early on.


Due to the nature of the astral being akin to a mental plane, your thoughts, imagination, fears, and desires manifest on a whim. So taking that into consideration you can change your astral form into whatever your imagination can think of.