How would one stop spontaneous Astral projection?

I have a friend he we live 2000 miles apart right now. He has had the problem his whole life but it’s recently become uncontrollable.
He spontaneously, Astral travels. While he is asleep he leaves his body and once ended up in my room. He is very confused in this state. Last time, he had a stroke while he was out. He couldn’t get back, got lost and nearly didn’t make it.
How do we stop this? Right now, all we’ve heard is to make sure not to meditate before bed, not sleep on his back, try not to get over tired. Things like that but we need to lock him in for now. Until he is strong enough to learn to control it.
He never told anyone Because he didn’t think they would believe him.
Please, help me keep him in. I unfortunately, have been thus far been unable to travel astrally myself.
I would appreciate any help or advice you could give. I am at a loss. He never taught himself to do this but we suspect that a few family members do this as well. Though, they don’t seem to know what to call it or how to talk about it.
Thank you!

Grounding. It depends on what his style is, but there are many ways to ground oneswlf.


I find Caffeine blocks projection! The idea is to keep the body active and energise! exercises cardio and strength can help too, just not the stretch and yoga ones!
He can invest in some crystals like clear quarts and obsidian! Will help in keeping him protected during his sleep.
He should learn all he can about astral projection! I recommend Robert Bruce Astral Projection books! Should give him an idea on what to do when he project and such. He explains how to merge back to your body and experiencing deferent phenomenas


Thank you so much I will tell him!! I apriciate your input so much!

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Thank you for answering! Could you elaborate, if you have something specific in mind?

Depends on the person. Some people sleep with grounding stones (look grounding crystals up), some people walk around in nature barefoot or work with their hands.

Just look up methods of grounding. You’ll find more than enough methods.

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You sure it’s spontaneous? Astral while asleep is just the same as going to your own mentalscape we do it every night.

Yeah. He says he goes to sleep and about the time he hits REM, he jumps out and sometimes gets lost. He can’t be woken with alarms or anything. He just wanders until he comes back. He had a stroke and now he’s afraid he won’t come back. I can’t seem to project myself! I feel locked in. Sorry that took so long! I had a dumb Job and worked way too much. Didn’t have time to think straight! Better Job starting tomorrow!

Ok love it. Thank you!