How would one know if a dream is more than a dream?

Hello all.

I had a dream recently concerning an ex. I don’t think I’ve dreamed about her before, but I’ve thought about her and have tried spellwork.

In my dream, I was at a work party for her. Someone came in and announced that she wouldn’t be able to attend, that someone she knew was in the hospital.

This is where the dream began to feel like something more or different. The entire party turned to me and told me that I should check on her. They said there were influences around her keeping us apart and that she didn’t feel the way she’d acted like she did. Every eye at the party was on me, and they made me promise to check on her.

At that point, it felt more like a message or a direction than a dream. Does this sound correct to anyone else?

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Since you have thought about her, and done spellwork on her, the chances are very high it is nothing more than your subconscious chewing over things.

The only way to know for sure is to see if it repeats itself.

Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.


I just had a dream about an ex too. feel free to check it out. Back to your question:

I think this might be your spirit guide showing you the reasons you separated! Also, if your gut is telling you that this dream is a message to approach her. Go ahead do that but have in mind that it might not mean she will reunite. Last, note i am just trying to help… not really sure what the meaning of it but thats what i got from it.

*Be Blessed

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I just made a dream post darkes… would mind checking it out and tell me what you think ?

Put in an effort , practice your dreams , if you feel inclined to contact her do so .

I just was thinking the same thing. Had a dream my ex was being sweet to me again, and at the end something told me “watch what the sun/son does”. Since my ex had sun imagery, I’m now super confused. Wish fulfillment, or prophecy?

I’d side with most people here and say it’s best to assume the least of it and wait for more signals if they need to be shown, though.