How would I be able to do this?

I’ve been debating with myself lately about the approach form the serpent, and I’m going to be completely frank with you all.

On the one hand, ascent and power seems nice. But, I am pursuing a very down to earth individual. While I was journeying a while ago, I had a vision that told me I would have to make a choice. Either the man I want to be my boyfriend, or ascent. I guess, I want to have a regular, domestic life and still be working towards my ascent within the backgrounds.

Does anyone else have recommendation for how to hide a magical life? How can I effectively work towards my ascent in the secret and be sure my loved ones won’t be affected?

Here’s something to take into account. When you achieve ascent you change your vibration. You raise your vibration. Think of it as going from Low to High voltage. This changes your aura and what you project, which in turn affects those around you differently. This is one reason it would interfere. The other reason is it might either amplify or nullify certain things associated with you depending on what it is.

I personally think that you and anyone else isn’t able to hide some things forever. It will just become heavier from time to time for you. I think that you are able to do both things, have a boyfriend (life-partner) and be open with him. I learnt that you can’t be very direct to people and tell them everything about yourself instantly. Do it, one per one. Example, for start, you can explain him that you are a bit more spiritual person. Create some (sort of) todo list about that topic and make a list of things which you’re going to “expose” to your partner, one per one, from time to time. I think that’s the best way how you will “subliminally merge” him with your environment. Later, if that person really love you, he will accept everything about you without doubt.

Here's something to take into account. When you achieve ascent you change your vibration. You raise your vibration. Think of it as going from Low to High.

I concur…and add, when your vibration changes, it will not likely mesh with the “partner” you chose this moment. Chose your ascent, do your majick as you are…Do not hide anything from partner, it will be worse in the long run.

Sir Walter Scott comes to mind: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”. The harder you try to hide something, the more likely it will be discovered. Maybe the choice was given because this isn’t the person who’ll be accepting of your practices. Maybe do some work to draw the right person to you?

If anything forces you to choose between your loved ones and your ascent, my advice is to punch them, and move on.

Ascend, as fast as, as intensely as,you please, with whatever.

What is power? The ability to make the world yours. Make yourself happy. The idea that you are powerful and happy are heavily intertwined, for what is power when not used?

Only those who suffer from extreme delusions have all the power of the worlds at their fingertips and yet never put any of it to use and never get any results. Empty and hollow promises are not power, power is power.

Love is an aspect of ascent. As is Power, as is Knowledge. This trinity is the one my life is molded around. It may not work for you, but it definitely works for me.

As for how to hide your practices from your boyfriend, it is definitely more than possible. E.A. once mentioned knowing a black magician who was a Baptist minister, and who’s wife and kids know nothing about what he does. Every magician needs to know how to be a chameleon.

I’ve written a bit about the Broom Closet and the Assumption of Manforms here. Remember that you are the master of your own destiny, and that is your only destiny.

What kind of down to Earth person is he? A skeptic who disbelieves magic? A religious person who fears it? Something else?

There are so many different ways to approach this, both light and dark. I think that if this guy truly loves you, he’ll let you be as weird as need be, which would mean that even if he doesn’t believe in your magic, he’d be cool with knowing you use it. And then, he could see the results as they come( because results DO come if you’re doing your job properly), and know for a fact that the things that happen to you cannot be labelled coincidence.

If religious he can walk the lighter aspect of your path(because you certainly have more to you than that Satanic part).

If you’re interested in getting him into this, my best advice is to start with the non-crazy(no visions, no voices in your head, no magical thinking,etc.) and non-dark(no demons, no blood rites, no sex magic, etc.) magic stuff like crystal healing, or shamanic core-journeying, and then move away both in lunacy and intensity, and just stop when you feel you’ve gone far enough.

This was advice Eva had given me on bringing other people into magic, by the way. Just making sure she gets the proper credit.

In any case, this is not nearly as worrisome a situation. My best advice is get some good spirit buddies, and have them help you and guide you in this type of thing. But even above that, master divination, maybe even contact your Higher Self, and/or godform and address it with them. Since Big You has all the benefits of the spirits without the biases they may come with.

Just my suggestions.

Hey man i agree with all comments on this page nothing should be more important to you than your ascent. As long as you tell people as much as you think thwy should know it will be fine. The people who are supposed to love you either will understand or leave. In my family doesnt push me they know part of my beliefs and they know they cannot change me so they simply respect me. If your boyfriend loves you he will respect your way. And if not let him fall behind sometimes there are more important things in life tgab carnal pleasures of course the loneliness sucks but you grow used to it.

Varnaxis kept his ENTIRE satanic practice completely secret (though, there were hints in some ways) and has ascended just fine to the status he aspired to, that of a genuinely demonic and powerful being.

So, I think that while it may be ideal to have everyone one board, I also know for a fact that Varnaxis LOVED his family a lot and simply compartmentalised, much as one may strive to be the best CEO and yet also, have time to play in the sandpit with your kids.

I don’t know for sure, but I believe that Freemasons for example are able to keep what happens in the Lodge and between their brothers, and what they discuss with spouses and kids, completely seperate. I don’t see any harm in that either, I’m a fan of compartmentalisation, where it prevents the frictions and the unrealistic expectation that everyone in your life MUST come along for every part of the ride.

And I doubt whether surgeons, coroners, experts in child sex-abuse investigation, or intelligence officers do the same kind of “everything in my life MUST be dumped in my loved one’s lap” kind of thing, either.

The modern expectations people have, for their partner or spouse to be everything, best friend, coach, supportive career mentor, nurse… it’s screwy.

If you feel you can retain your integrity whilst compartmentalising like this, and hide traces so completely that lying never needs to happen, then it may work for you, as well?

And maybe he could help advise you, if of course you feel willing to work with a being who completely dedicated his life to his Dark Master (though he’s not a dickwad, and was a loved and loving person in his everyday life).

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