How would a person feel who has been successfully cursed in this way?

A friend cursed a deserving person with a ritual involving several Goetic Demons / spirits and all agreed to help. It was a severe abuse case.

How would this guy feel with so many ancients pursuing him? I have no idea .

It depends on a lot of factors.

if he has protection, he probably won’t feel much at all (doesn’t have to be a practitioner to have protection).

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He appears to be affected in his looks I am told. He has gone from smart and clean shaven to looking very dishevelled and not washing or shaving at all 4 weeks after. I have no idea. Never encountered this being done before .

Thanks for your answer

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Sounds like he is being harried, and most likely unable to sleep.

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Yes, maybe. I do know King Belial accepted him and disliked him immensely so it could well be


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