How will you celebrate walpurgis night?

Ill watch fantastic beasts and put on my new pentacle necklace

I don’t celebrate the satanic holidays in general because I feel it’s meaningless if you are not part of a group or organization. The whole point with holidays is to maintain the existence of a group or culture and if you are not part of a group there is nothing to maintain. Of course I still will give a Hail Satan to all on the satanic holidays.

I’m utilizing the energy of the day and its soil (I am living somewhat close to the mountainside of the folkloric origin of the “Hexennacht”) to give someone at least a major headache.

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I’m planting bluebells for Beltaine tomorrow. Celebrating May Day is closer to the Earth and good enough for me. :smiley:

Walpurgis Night is the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurgis, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, and I don’t really care about Christian saints, so I don’t get why this is a celebration.

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It was always the demon witch night of central Europe. Much darker than Halloween. The Catholic Church decided to bring it into the religion just like they did with Halloween and All Souls Day.

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Well this year due to the excellent moon position this Celebration is the Dark Beltane or Dark Walpurgis. Is very rare

When I was a kid we always celebrated with the first campfire of the year on walpurgis night.

Yesterday I used it to strengthen my current work and I was not dissappointed.

The Christians may have tried to transform this celebration by giving it the name of a saint, but it has been a special night long before that, and that will remain.
And it is not a satanic holiday either. Has nothing to do with satan.