How will my goetia experiment go

Significator - Ace of Disks - Root of Powers of Earth
Covers him - Two of Swords - Peace Restored - Luna in Libra 10’
Crosses him - Three of Swords - Sorrow - Saturn in Libra 20’
Crowns him - Five of Disks - Material Trouble - Mercury in Taurus 10’
Beneath him - Empress - Daughter of the Mighty Ones - Venus
Behind him - Prince of Disks - Swift Force - Air of Fite
Before him - Six of Wands - Victory - Jupiter in Leo 20’
Querent - Four of Cups - Blended Pleasure - Luna in Cancer 30’
Environment - Prince of Disks - Resolute Force - Air of Earth
Hopes and Fears - Ace of Cups - Root of Powers of Water
Final outcome - Five of Wands - Strife - Saturn in Leo 10’
Shadow - King of Disks - Prince of the Chariot of Earth - Stimulating Force - Fire of Earth.


Going to mull this over before interpreting, though Faust popped into my head.

Materiality in all senses, good and evil. Material gain, labor, power, wealth. Sweet.
General influence that is affecting the querent - Quarrels resolved, yet tensions remain. Pleasure after pain, sacrifice and trouble but strength resulting.
Character of the obstacles in the matter - Unhappiness, sorrow, quarreling, deceit, disruption, sowing of discord and strife.
Crowns him - best that can be hoped for - Loss of money, loss of profession or position, monetary troubles, poverty, harshness.
The past owned - Luxury, dissipation, squandering creativity.
Resolute Force …tbc

Do you do readings for others?

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