How & when to pay attention to moon phases..?

Greetings to All,

I’m curious to know if and when one should incorporate the phase of the moon into magical workings. Is it important? Is there some stead fast rules that I should know about when doing magical workings?
I don’t know much at all in reference to what effect the moon has on ritual workings and such so if anyone can offer a little insite or suggest some reading material that would be great.

So, I’m not an expert per se but I have a -little- experience making the moon ritually prominent at different times. As far as hard and fast “rules” go, the basics I’ve observed is to take positive ritual action when the moon is waxing, and negative action when it’s waning. The full and new moon will be the ‘high point’ of each energy flow, respectively.

This is in general. I can also say that the moon is in many ways very -instinctual-, very primal and unconscious/intuitive. Try to -feel- the energy of each night’s moon. Go for a walk outside, get used to how it affects you, make your ritual use -personal-. The moon brings out things that are hidden within you, and your path will probably either be to become totally obsessed or learn a fine tightrope walk of control.

Hope there was at least some helpful kernel in there, and have fun!

Awesome, I’ll take those notes into account and see how I will incorporate them into my workings. This friday happens to be a full moon and I was wondering how it may affect my rituals. Thanks!

Ok this may sound strange but …
I do not intentionaly look what moon phase there is but I find myself more often than not doing my ectatic /seidr working on a full moon.
I am way more active that night than any other.
Also workings including getting rid of something seam to pop up on waning moon. It just affects my “lower” workings with elements and “land magic” but angels dont care at all.
A while ago I did a … not quite a ritual but a working with “Moon prana/od” with should be done on waxing moons.
my 2 cents

I do believe the moon does play some important part in all magickal workings. It is not just noted in all paths of magic/magick but scientifically proven not to just affect energy but brain waves aswell. If you know enough about rituals you will know what I am getting at. My best opinion is to still focus on the planetary alignment and use the moon as a power tool. Sort of the (drawing down the moon) kind of tradition use some 100 years ago