How were the Goetia sigils made?

I’ve seen sigils made from a person’s wishes, they are real simple, but the Goetian Sigils, I mean WOW, how in the Hell were they conceived?

How did “Sorcerer Solomon” acquire their names and their sigils?

I can’t think of any system that could create these unique designs.


I think you are confusing Spare style sigils with spirit seals. They are two completely different things.

According to the mythology as far as I understand it, the seals of the Goetia were either given to Solomon by God as a method of calling and controlling the 72, or they were given by the spirits themselves through what we modern magicians call ‘blind evocation.’ Either way, they were not conceived by Solomon like a modern Spare sigil.


I agree with @DarkestKnight.

As in the case of Solomon Sigils there is no a very concrete explanation about how he acquired them other than traditional answers. The general belief for centuries was that they were communicated by the sprits themselves or by God.

However as you may know occidental magic is known to rest on two main pillars, namely on will and on imagination. Analogous thinking and symbolic images are also connected to these pillars. Agrippa have used a special sigil for each of the planetary intelligences. They were based on cabalistic consideration and were not arbitrarily constructed nor they were received by “ revelation” he did gave us some clues to understand their creation.

Some people believe that Solomon Sigils are also based on mathematical strings (which may not be easily denied, if you are familiar with Fibonacci or Pi and how frequently we see their use in nature) or also the sacred geometry.

As for the Solomon sigils again we have a solid and unchanged form with the tradition, the adept is expected to grow into a ready-made system instead of fashioning one. This is because in the past the practitioners believed in the following principle: to know the “true” name and the “true” sigil of a demon means to have power over it. And hence there are “true “ and “false “ sigils.

However the cretaed sigils that you have mentioned –“made from a person’s wishes”, are completely a different story. Austin Osman Spare have led that individual or kind a anarchistic direction to sigils and hence magick. He developed sigils simply based on the fusion and stylization of letters .It is of no importance whether a sigil is the “true or false ” one or not, neither there is a list of ready-made symbols. The crucial thing is the meaning and that the sigil be created by the magician and is therefore meaningful to him/her. And because the magician has constructed it for personal use, the sigil becomes a catalyst of his/her magical will and desire, and for some cases it will even waken this desire in the first placeEspecially with Freud, Adler, and Carl G. Jung eventually people started to consider the unconscious in earnest and hence this Pragmatic approach now mainly dominates present-day Anglo-Saxon sigil magick (Israel Regardie, Francis King, Stephen Skinner…)


I concur.

Solomon isn’t a Sorcerer. And from my find out from an Angel, Solomon was taught the knowledge by a particular Angel. He didn’t know about it nor heard of them before.


That’s because you didn’t find it.

This is off. Mathematical strings? Not at all. (I mistakenly put a name here) himself revealed all this mysteries to me.


That’s amazing … and will you be kind to share with the forum here ?

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Yeah, I would be…but it will be controversy over controversy.

Besides, not everything I’m been taught I’m permitted to voice out.


ok thanks anyway, consult about what is permitted any clue is priceless.

I have indeed just voice out what is the actual/general knowledge, I didn’t seek an asnwer via divination and glad you did.


I’m not saying Spare sigils and Goetian sigils are the same, I’m saying that the Spare Sigils anyone can create, it’s the Goetian sigils that I’m curious about their origins.

Some Magicians say that the sigils are some kind of language that only our brains recognize and just their appearance to our mind does wonders. If that’s the case, there is an advanced ancient knowledge that isn’t taught in any academic review.

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What type of sigils are these then, as they are greatly different than the Goetian sigils?



What you posted is a very simplified version of the Rose Cross (which is a “flower” based on the Kabbalah that uses Hebrew letters to generate seals from spirit names) that uses a pretty standard number/letter substitution cipher, instead of letters. It creates the “statement of intent”, and then, after crossing out the doubles, it substitutes the letters for numbers, then uses the numbers on the petals of the “Rose” to form the sigil. It is just a creative way to make a Spare style sigil,


Ok, let’s say Fuck it to the Spare Sigils and concentrate on just the Goetia. I don’t care about the Spare Sigils for now. Although i did learn what they are called, i can use that for future reference.

Fuck the Spare Sigils

Nobody knows :slight_smile:

Only solomon knows about it

If Solomon is the one who made them, we don’t know that :slight_smile:

Somebody do evocation of solomon


What’s his sigil?

I believe the answer is out there.

Would be interested to hear about this in PM if possible.