How We View Ourselves Affects How Others See Us

Recently, I’ve started dropping a lot of my body fat effortlessly.

I’ve talked about it before, but here’s the recap for people who haven’t been a part of those discussions …

One day, I had the sudden realization hit me that my body fat was emotional armor. The weird logic behind it is “You can’t hurt the real me if you can’t get to the real me.”

When I realized this, I told myself “This body no longer serves the King you are becoming. I no longer this amor.” And then I imagined myself dropping the suit of armor off of me and stepped out of it, imagining myself with the body I truly want and walking away from the “fat armor” laying on the ground behind me.

That symbolic action allowed me to release that limitation. I felt the shift immediately in my body and I KNEW that the weight would start dropping off.

And it has.

Now, when I say effortlessly, I don’t mean I didn’t do anything. I mean that the changes happened within me very easily without me needing to struggle.

Here’s how it manifested for me …

(1) I was already eating a clean diet, but I started craving more organic fruits and vegetables.

(2) I found myself craving a bit more meat.

(3) My can no longer tolerate junk food. Eating more than bite or two of it makes me physically ill.

(4) When I encounter a path that focused on Yoga, my intuition guided me to the more demanding physical asanas I needed rather than the less active, seated asanas that were suggested.

(5) When I listened to my body during my Yoga practice, my intuition guided me to understand how to make it even more effective by combining it with Qigong and dynamic tension strength exercises.

The result is I’ve dropped 23 pounds off the scale in 3 weeks, but I’ve also gained a large amount of muscle at the same time. Based on my past experience with my own training, I estimate that I’ve gained close to 20 pounds of muscle while losing those 23 pounds, which means I’ve probably lost closer to 43 pounds of body fat in those 3 weeks.

In other words, I’ve put on more muscle than I did while I was weight training and I haven’t picked up a single weight. Just light bodyweight work through the Yoga asanas and the dynamic strength training mixed with the Yoga and Qigong movements.

I’ve honestly never seen my body drop fat like this in my entire life. It’s pretty awesome.

While I was shopping today, a young woman asked if we could have a personal conversation. She’s worked there for a couple of years and we’ve chatted casually off on and on throughout that time, so I said “Sure. What’s up?”

She said “You have lost a lot of weight. You’ve lost at least 100 pounds in the last few weeks. How did you do that?”

She pretty much grilled me on it and I answered her questions. I had a good feeling about her, so I even told her my true secret … that I had let go of the need for my emotional armor. I even think she might have understood it.

But I never would confirm how much I’ve lost for her. She’s convinced I’ve lost well over a hundred pounds, so who am I to disagree? lol

When I got to my car, I just accepted that “yes, I’ve lost well over a hundred pounds in the last three weeks … and the rest will just continue to fall off until my physical body matches the body I see in my imagination.”

There’s no doubt my body is changing rapidly, but she saw the image I hold of myself within my own mind.

And now, it’s simply a matter of time before I take possession of it in the physical world. Can’t tell me that’s not magick. :wink:


That is REALLY cool! :sunglasses:

Material reality falls into compliance with Will & Belief… magick in a nutshell! :smiley:



I’ve also owned the symbol that I am a King … and I’ve found people treating me as such now. It radiates outward from me not just in my actions, but in my aura as well. And people are responding to it.

Here’s a really cool story about that …

We’ve got this cute fluffy puppy running around our apartments. She doesn’t belong to anyone, but she’s really sweet and she’s constantly playing with the kids.

I’ve watched her for a couple of weeks, but never got the chance to play with her.

We’ve got several “thugs” that live in this area who think they’re all bad ass and put on airs, but this cute little puppy just bounds right up to them. I’ve seen her do it with several of these “tough” guys, so she obviously doesn’t feel they’re any threat. (Neither do I. lol)

Yesterday, she was a pretty good distance from me and she looked at me with those big puppy eyes, but she didn’t move. So I just tapped my leg and called her in a soft, gentle voice.

She ran up to me, but then she stopped just out of arm reach, flipped over onto her back, and crawled the rest of the way to my feet on her back, exposing her throat and belly to me.

She stayed in that submissive posture for our entire interaction, then bounded away and pounced on one of the “tough guys”. lol

Obviously, she recognized me for who I am and showed me the proper respect. It’s amazing how perceptive animals are to our energies.


I always enjoy your threads, valkarath.
They’re like inspirational words for me.
So, I got to thank you :smile:


I think Uncle Chuckie’s stuff talks a lot about this in psionic warefare. In a nutshell, before becoming a “god”/“warrior”/“king” etc, you need to begin to think of yourself as one in the literal sense.
Creating an “astral” image for yourself, then putting will and belief into it will make it a reality, people will notice things unconsciously about you and won’t be able to put their finger on what it is. Same kinda thing with the armor, you can create a field around yourself and program it to repel people, and watch and laugh as people on the street deliberatley go out of their way to avoid you (or vise versa, program it however you want to do whatever you want).

Cool thread though


Re-reading the thread I was wondering: may this be the “secret” of shapeshifting?
I’ll put my example, I’m not happy about my height (175 cm), can I grow taller with obvious meditation, training and convincing myself I’m not above people?
I’ve been grown with my dad always screaming at me I worth nothing, and I always thought that it could affected my mind and even me physically

I actually have my own sigil I use it in all my workings

I have the same thing. A symbol/sigil I’ve seen for pretty much most of my life (I was unconciously drawing it all the time as far back as my 6th grade art class lol) and it just continued to get stronger. Never found out what it means, or if its a spirit sigil or whatever, but it is interesting.
I generally make use of it when im creating thoughtforms/egregores and use it as their sigil. Or I use it to call on my own godform/darkself.
But I didnt invent it myself, which is even more interesting!

That’s like mine but I use it as a symbol for myself and of power

Those are basically thought forms you’re empowering. I use them a lot in my own magickal practices. It helps if you pump a metric shit ton of energy into them. It also helps when you keep using them again and again over a long period of time (which also pumps more energy into them). And it also helps if you anchor them to physical objects.

Honestly, I don’t know about physical shapeshifting.

I believe it should be possible, but I’ve never seen it.

I have seen glamours and even pierced them with my own senses, so I know that’s possible.

And I’ve seen occult invisibility, so I know that’s possible. My ex-wife (who is a natural witch) didn’t want her sister to see her, so she “disappeared”. Her sister actually carried on a ten minute conversation with me and never saw my ex-wife who was standing right beside me. That was an interesting experience. lol

What I’m actually doing is shifting and changing the energies in my aura. I’m pulling the kind of energy I want into me and grounding it permanently within my own body, my energy bodies, and my aura.

I’m also focusing on doing a lot of energy work to raise my Kundalini. My own experiences and the teachings I’ve received from spirits convinced me that raising your Kundalini over and over again is the key to increasing your own personal power.

And I think increasing my own personal power and the pattern of that energy within my aura is what people are responding to.

Sure, it can. I grew up in a similar situation with my mom and it did a lot of damage to my self-image. I’ve used magick to remove those limitations and to create the self-image I want for myself.

Yeah, that’s pretty common stuff when you start doing the work. You’ll find the spirits and your intuition giving you instructions for things you can’t even imagine right now.

People are always asking “What’s the best spirit to do this or that for me?” I don’t ask the spirits to do things for me. I ask them to teach me how to do them for myself. And that focus has allowed me to learn very important magickal skills very quickly.

In my experience, if you want to make progress in magick, you’ve got to experiment and be willing to fail. I’m not successful all the time, but I’m constantly learning. And that leads to some wonderful insights.