How use(d) shamans mushrooms? Is there something special about it?

I mean, was there a special way they proceeded after eating or drinking them? I don’t dare to believe ‘just doing mushrooms is enough’.
I seek ‘a wise way’ to use them.

Meditation on mushrooms is surely fine but what’s with rituals? Did they something special while being on Psilocybin & Psilocin?

Everything what can be said about the shamanic aspect of magic mushrooms please dump here!

Thank you in advance,

I didn’t experience anything spiritual while on magic mushrooms, I just vibed to music and felt high, saw dead things behind my eyes that turned into very colorful things. However, in your intentions you can turn it into a spiritual experience but what you see/experience should be taken with a lump of salt since it’s a chemical reaction in the brain.

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The last time I was on mushrooms was in August 2015. I runned through the house doing something I don’t remember then I wanted to lay down. Then Barbatos showed himself in full armour. The blanket was hold tight by the friend I was at then Barbatos made a friendly gesture and the friend gave me the blanket while sleeping. While doing so Barbatos disappeared.

A day before or after he made me repeat his name in my head but I didn’t recognize it until he screamed in my head: ‘‘Say this again!’’

Because of this I’m sure it was Barbatos who showed himself.

Mushrooms open channels as I heard.