How too get blood

how too get blood for spells? Does it have to be human? Does it have too be mine? can I use animal blood? If I have too or want too use my own, how do I get it out of me safely? Im a man so menstral blood wont work, help.

As a diabetic, I got used to giving blood a long time ago. So, use the lancets that come with those glucose test meters. You can find them at any pharmacy. And, get a box of those alcohol prep pads. Disinfect your fingers first before you prick them.


Thats what i use too.


Yeah as a man, I would hate to consider what I had to do to get menstrual blood. Dumpster diving?



Ummm…well a girlfriend maybe? Or a female friend who does black magic? She would be the most cool with it probably lol


It depends on what you need it for. Sometimes it’s better to use your own blood, which you can get from finger pricking or needle drawing. Animal blood can be collected during a slaughter, but its best not to sacrifice an animal just for the blood. Also don’t try to collect blood from a living animal. And like arianna said, an understanding female friend might help you.

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I find lancets are great for a few drops. Probably take a lot of pokes to draw up a pact in blood- but I’ve used lancets for offerings on a sigil and what not. Let’s face it- if you need a large quantity- not to scare just noticed it hasn’t come up- let’s face it- drawn from a syringe. Sure you may “infiltrate” (poke through) the vein but then it just swells up and very light bruising but it quickly dissipates. I’ve actually infiltrated with a lancet- I’m still here talking about it. I think… or am I??? Sometimes I’m not sure
I’m sure somewhere it’s said to use an athemae ritual dagger but I personally haven’t seen that in writing. Pretty sure I seen EA slice himself in a vid but don’t know if that was his ritual dagger or not. I have a grimore of pacts I’m gonna go over again and see what that authors two cents are. He is renowned and reputable


Not to mention this is again just my two cents but I believe ones own blood is a far more personal offering then that of an animal or Aunt Flo’s