How to

I have read many times that you never should demand specyfic amount of money from spirit. Thats why most wealth rituals fails. But what about if I am looking for highly paid job? What should I state to the spirit? How does it know how much is “highly” for me? Is it okay to request for example " give me job wage 15£ per hour "? Any tips please?

JMO, but I think part of the reason for not requesting specific amounts is because it limits what you can have. For example, if you ask for $10,000, you’ll get it, but you could have just as easily asked for $20,000 and gotten that. Most people will suggest that you leave the amount open so the Multiverse will deliver an amount appropriate to your needs, as specified by you.

A job would be no different. I would phrase it along the lines of a wage that will satisfy my monthly obligations, as well as enough to save, and also leave some for wants. In this way, you’re leaving it open so the Multiverse, or spirit you’re working with, can deliver the BEST opportunity. Again, JMO, but when you get too bogged down on details, things don’t seem to work as well.

That,s very true!. You need to specify the minimum amount that you want !