How to work with particular spirits?

So a thing that’s kinda struck me recently, is that I don’t really know how to work with the spirits that I want to. For example, recently I’ve taken an interest in Lucifer, but I don’t really know how to start working with him. Do I try invoking the spirit? My senses aren’t very developed so if I did try to make contact I couldn’t really communicate all that well. I haven’t really got a place to do an evocation either. What should I be doing?

Make a petition.


What would the petition consist of? I don’t have any specific goal in mind with Lucifer other than learning from him. I’ve done a petition in the past, but I’m unsure of what I would petition him for.

Simply tell him you would like to begin working with him, and ask him to send you a sign if he is willing to do so.

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I’m still left to wonder though, is how would I work with him if he accepts? More petitions? Invoking him every now and then? I’m adept at lucid dreaming, so perhaps something could happen there. I need to start working on my soul travel/astral projection skills as I think they could be very useful for contacting spirits.

Lucifer can guide you to particular methods for working with him. Maybe you will get an urge to look into Asenath Mason’s work, or maybe you will feel drawn to the BALG Lucifer-Amaymon compendium, for example. When you reach out and open the door, he will help you find the best way for you.

Interestingly, I actually have recently taken a liking to the Draconian path from Asenath Mason’s book on it, which Lucifer is a part of. So perhaps I should follow along the book to try and establish a relationship with him. Although, the Draconian path is a bit scary to me as it talks about things being consumed in the dragons flames.

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I literally just got Draconian Ritual book today so I can’t help with that, but, If you don’t already have it, E.A Koetting’s Evoking Eternity might be less intimidating. Also The complete book of Demonolatry by S. Connolly might help you out.
In regards to honing the senses. Third Eye meditation can help. There’s a bunch of meditation techniques. What I do is I’ll meditate somewhere, and before I start I’ll look around and try to remember as much as a can about the room, how big it is, what objects are where, ect. Then I’ll try to visualize them in as much detail as I can. I’ll try to feel out the energy in the room, and the room itself. That’s just what I do though lol.

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I do actually have a ritual in mind to help my senses, it’s from a post by C. Kendall about the Stellar Eye of Lucifer. But, I’m hesitant because I haven’t established a relationship with Lucifer yet. So I guess what I’ll do is petition a relationship with him and then do the ritual.

Pick up a form of divination- tarot, cards, runes etc