How to work with Goetics

Hi Guys,
As you can read on some of my threads, I only have minor successes with Goetics. Strangely enough, It’s not the case with Angels. Whenever I evoke (or invoke) them, my desire comes quick, the way I wanted it. So I think there is something that makes Goetic not wanting to work with me for the moment. I’d like to know if it’s something that happened to you, if it didn’t, how you overcome it, etc…

For those who wants to know, here’s my process for Angels:

-Tetha Gamma Sync
-Calling the name of the angel, while visualizing his/her name in my astral vision, until…
… I feel it’s there. Usually I feel a jolt of energy in a few areas. For example, as if a person with a really hot hand pat me on the shoulder or hold my hands.
-I welcome the Angel
-I telepathically state my will.
-Thank the Angel for carrying my will.
-License to Depart.

Usually, within a few hours,I get results. Whether for health, luck, protection. I use no sigils, candles, incense.

Angels rock. But I’d like to work with Goetics too.

In the first place, the spirits are not called “Goetics.”

How would you call them? Spirits of the Goetia? There are Kings, Princes, Dukes, I don’t want to call them Daemons, since this word has a history.

Yes daemon or demon does have a negative history due to cultural influence. If you wanted to take it a step further you could call them gods if that’s what you feel is best to describe them but many black magicians prefer to limit their usage on the word “god”. Some demons refer to themselves as demonic earls, demonic kings and so on, probably only because they know that the term demonic and demon has come to be expected. They do not refer to themselves as demons but they will use the term demonic. Most tend to consider themself as simply infinite spiritual beings. They may not be human beings, but they are beings because they exist. Being suggests to me that a person, creature, entity etc. is something that exists regardless of what type of body, form, (or lack there of) they may inhabit.

This is something I am looking into further. I have never personally asked a demon what they wish to be called, what type of label they would actually use to describe their very existance but I will start asking and see what different answers I get. It may be an instance where instead of one common word used to describe their existance (or their species if you want to use a really bad negative sounding term instead) they may all have varied opinions and preferrences and one may disagree with the other.

Michael’s name is the one used within a traditional triangle of the art, so it might be worth evoking him and asking him the reason?

I have NOT found that angels and demons are at war, in fact Raphael supported me calling on Marbas, and other demons, on occasion, and Michael probably knows a lot about their ways from his name/current/whatever being present at so many demonic evocations, so he may be able to help you out.

Off-topic, in theory I agree about the use of the term “goetic” but in reality language is a living thing, so maybe it’s just going to enter the language, in the manner so many other words did…?

In the absence of the adoption of any better name, anyway - which is maybe a project that deserves a thread of its own.

Update: I added a magic circle and a triangle of manifestation to my process (a bardon-koetting mix) and for the first time in my evocation, i received a flash of The spirit ( which matched the description in Mastering Evocation). Great! Ill work on my magic circle, making it more and more potent. I like the way its going!

What words are around the triangle in the Bardon book?

So far, as for preferences of what the demons wish to be called, I have been told just call me a divine entity or a demonic entity.

Why do people keeping calling the demons of the Goetia “Goetics”. I have always heard them referred to as “the Goetia” and that’s what term I use too. Goetia is one of those terms that doesn’t need an “S” at the end to be used in a plural sense, like the word “deer” when referring to more than one at once.

Like his circle, I do it with names/words that means something to my practice.

Update: Since my updated ritual, I successfully received a flash of Kret’s appearance. Egregores or not, Kret and Ladilok are the first spirits that I saw in my mind eye.

Goetia is the Greek term for a type of magic. Goetic is the adjective of that noun to denote things related to that art.

From my experience Angels (or Celestials if you prefer) like the structure of Hierarchy. When you enter a ritual and “assume godform”* you are essentially saying “God** and I are one. It’s Will and my Will are the same.” it lends credence to your work.

Demons (Cthonic Beings if you prefer) are a bit more “Hoof and Horn” and like to get down and dirty. With them it is more about earning respect. Kinda like a mob boss.

*there are like…a billion different ways to say this. T/G Sync, Gnostic Trance…etc

** Goddess, Divine One, Cosmic Consciousness, The Almighty, Orismen, or whatever you prefer.