How to work more on my Astral Senses

2 nights ago i had an crazy/shocking experience. i was about to head to bed and when i turned off my light all i seen was blue i didnt know what was going on and when i tried to close my eyes the blue was still there so i sat up in the dark and swore i seen a black figure hovering above me moving and it had a yellow light

i want to work on my senses so i can find out what happend

Does anyone know any books or methods

Work on your psychic senses by forms of scanning, meditation, anything that works your clairvoyant abilities.


alright!!! thank you

There are tons of things out there on this.

The most basic ways are to work any type of energy/chakra work and work on mastering yourself though meditation. Learn some breathwork and have patience with yourself and you will be golden.

Three threads that pop up if you search ‘Psychic development’ in the search bar of this forum:


this was similar to what i seen
but mor of a man figure with yellow and slight white

i will sure look at them thank you

You seem to have fairly developed senses

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yea i was suprised that night and legit shockedd

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i tried to talk to it but it went away

That experience can be used in your battle against doubt. You did it before even if its unintentional. Now you can do it again. The mind and belief in yourself is a powerful thing.


so me seeing that is normal right

IDK It -could- be a trick of the eye. So ‘normal’ as in ‘has a rational explanation’ sure? Possibly. If you google what you saw and the conditions it brings up a lot of medical and scientific explanations for seeing blue and dots in vision. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, spirits usually have a presence to them, an unmistakable energy that wafts off of them.

If you’re looking for answers and want to deepen your spiritual experiences, developing your psychic senses will get you there.


okay i sure will