How to win people over?

I’m trying to win the family of my partner over, unfortunately it’s not a matter to win them over with dinner lol, they don’t like me because of problems I had with my partner, so I would like them to accept me again, any ideas on how can I achieve this? It’s not that I care if they like me or not, but I don’t want problems with them and I don’t want them talking bad about me with my partner.
So if you know of any spell of spirit I can ask this please let me know, and if you have had a similar experience and used magick to solve it please share.

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Amon is good at reconciling enemies even granting your enemies favor he has worked in my life. Just evoke him and release your desire for him to make your enemies love you. He is powerful fair warning

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Thank you I’ll have to do a little research about him before evoking.

Read some Machiavelli, it would do you some good.

If you’re into the Norse mythology, Magick alters the warp and weft of the Multiverse. If you’re into Chaos, Magick alters the Morphic field. So visualise. See as images, balls of light, whatever the problems of the past and banish these to the ends of the Multiverse. Do this over and over - getting better and more powerful each time. You let me know what signs you get after doing this - over and over. Learn relaxation. Visualise as a Film Director, you interacting with them. Imprint their emotions to them, then - using the Elhaz rune to gather energy - direct that energy with their emotions to them - aim in their general direction if you know where their home is in relation to you, otherwise to the four directions.

This is pure, unadulterated left hand path. Just you alone - as Magician!