How to win a contract?

Hi everyone.
Last year I won a concourse to be a public employee (tre dream of my life). The problem is that my contract will end in June.
Now there is an internal competition, for all people who have a contract like me, who can change my contract for life.
I absolutely want to win this competition. The people who will esaminate me are my colleagues (who I know but they are elders) from work.
What can you suggest me? Have I to do something to know the questions of the exam? Or better try to influence the examinators? Or, what else?

I would prefer working with angels, but Iā€™m open to any suggestion you can kindly give me. How would you act in my place?

King Paimon can subject any man unto the magician.
He is also patient to beginners

Give his sigil a try


honestly i would contact mercury. He helps with all kinds of money issues and has been said to be the patron of traders (jobs) basically. I would:

Light a green candle and put a few coins in a pile by it and have a picture of mercury nearby and sing to mercury. The roman and greek gods love hearing music from mortals.

"Mercury mercury hear my call
Mercury mercury dont let me fall
For my times has come to renew
Im out of options so i come to you.

Im broken and have almost lost hope.
I still stand strong, i do not mope
Help me in this request ive made
Do not allow my job to fade"

Something like this. You can sing it like how some opera songs are or like religious songs. Anyway then you say a prayer to mercury and offer the coins as tribute. Personally i feel like once you offer the coins to mercury you could keep them in a small green bag in your office or car.

Hope this helps even slightly.

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