How to use planetary power?

If one of you is dealing with planetary magic, I will be happy if you can help answer some questions.
I would like to use the power of planets in my work. Of course, I know some basic things, such as the use of planetary clocks on the relevant days.
But now I get to the entities that are connected with the planets.
For Venus, for example:

Archangel is Anael
Planetary intelligence is Hagiel
Planetary spirit is Kedemel

Can they be considered as individual entities with some hierarchical order?
If so, what aspect of the planet (in general) is which of these entities related?

Thank you.


1.Yes, they are individual entities, and they have some hierarchy.
2. Archangel of planet is most subtle and can be asked for any type of work related to given planet, but they most are about teaching.
3. Inteligence is some kind of menager- he can teach you also about everything that is associatet with planet, but his work is manage the energy of spirit.
4. Spirit is workforce of planet- he is this guy who “builds walls, digs pits, repairs hydraulics, etc.” Whitout spirit practical work on material plane may have no effects.


Very nice explanation, thank you. :+1:

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This app is helpful for the calculations of the hour. Make sure to change the location in the settings.

First hour of every day after sunrise is best time for planetary magick.

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i have been working with Saturn aka Cronos aka Kali aka Azazel Zazel for raising kundalini and serpent power i can feel it working since i feel dark energy surrounding me…

also when calling Azazel and demon folk i keep getting the name and image of Saturn transfigured into my mind the sigil for Azazel is also for Saturn and i use this one a lot…

There are plenty of books on planetary magick if you’re interested:

Planetary Magick by Denning and Phillips

3 Books of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa

Advanced Planetary Magick by Jason Miller

Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos lists some planetary beings for evocation

Also most works on Hermetic Magick involve planetary forces as well.