How To Use Magick to Kill

:warning: WARNING … F.B.I. / INTERPOL … WARNING :warning:

NOT!!! Okay. So the title AND the heading are a bit click baitish.

Just trying to get your attention!

And just to be clear, I am not, in ANY way, affiliated with any government or secret agency; nor am I for or against murder by magick…

Okay. So. Back to the topic at hand…How to use magick to kill…

First of all, it is quite difficult to kill with magick. It is definitely possible, but difficult. Personally I have never attempted to use spellwork to bring a living thing to its ultimate demise. But…I have caused unnecessary suffering, demise and death…accidently.

I was alway aware of the raw power I possess but I am only now beginning to become aware of just how powerful I am. As the years pass, the more adept I become and the more accurate my results are. Notice how I used the word accurate but not precise?

Yeah so I can achieve very accurate results but not exactly precise. And you know who’s fault that is? Mine! Magick is/can be a tricky ass Bee Itch!

Oh, wait… Were you waiting for some kind of sure fired death spell to kill and vanquish your enemies with? Keep doubting… #martyers (a horrid film I love and own).

I cast magick to silence a noisy neighbor and I inadvertently killed their pet bird. TMW you are in awe of and terrified by your own power…

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You clickbaiter…

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I am serious you troll! Lol. See this is why I don’t post shit public!

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Dude, I am an animal lover. I KILLED their fucking bird! Lol. I swear I didn’t mean to. :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I just meant to shut them up. This is not a flex post. It’s a warning post! Don’t summon Santa Meurte if you don’t want random ass death!

:grimacing: :joy:

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I read out of evoking eternity that you can use necromancy to control the lifeless husk of the dead to gradually make a person’s life miserable. The book states that the person will likely kill themselves out of the constant fear and pain.

Now have I tried this? No. But hey if you really don’t don’t like a person why not try it out?

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I have not tried the aforementioned methods. But there are a plethora of death spells that you can try. But I must mention that death magick is difficult and not precise or exact.

And again, I must say, that I do not condem nor do I condone death magick. My point is that sometimes ya kill some shit on accident so be careful…?

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Hehe I get what your saying

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Lolol. Glad somebody does. :joy::joy:

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And side note, when I used this powder 2 years ago before I moved, it worked then as well; but… it accidently killed the old woman across the hall. :grimacing: She was, seriously, on her way out already but the day after I did my spellwork she died from internal bleeding; her grown son told me. Felt bad, but not bad enough to severe my relationship with The Pretty One. :smiling_imp::kissing_closed_eyes:

So… this is a legit warning thread. Santa Meurte is a death saint…killing is her jam.

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The government cant punish vibration, so this is what happens when the public gets ahold of magick? Sociopaths actually have a way to not pay consequences and experiment with death magick, then shrug it off when bystanders get hurt?

Yup! Ain’t it grand! :grin:

Get a doll or potato… Carve it out to take the shape of a human form… Shape it to take the gender of your target… Mark 7points down its spine… With different colours… Preferrably yellow for solar plexus chakra…

Curse the shit out of their solar plexus every day… Till they become immobile


People here laugh at the thought. But if I had a dime for every dude coming for a reading asking me for a love spell or death spell. . . The shit’s both disappointing and telling. I guess that’s what happens when weakness of character meets strength of power.

I guess public magick can also be a cleansing agent for humanity’s problematic people.

Holy cheese its! I am bookmarking this brilliance @Trishul66 :clap:

I did something similar to my best friends horrible gf. She kept talking random shit to me everytime I spoke! So… at that very moment I sent Santa Meurte’s sigil into each one of her chakras. She started fidgeting hard asF, looking left right, up down and behind her. Then she just slumped down in her seat and from that point on she only spoke to me when spoken directly to.

Bitch :heavy_check_mark: Put in her place :heavy_check_mark: :joy:

There is also a nice lust spell I created for this… Trust me going one chakra at, a, time will amplify your results like FUCK…

Do the same for lust, spells… Then start at the root chakra… Program it for one week "you DESIRE me sexually "(SEXUAL CHAKRA)

Next week sacral, chakra" you’re thinking about me all, the time… Put imprints of your image in her sacral" (CHAKRA connected to mental plane)

This week go to to her solar plexus" you cannot resist me"(chakra for WILL)


Observe her actions each day and be keen on when she SUCCUMBS… she might give in even before you’re done

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Dude…this is a LHP forum. Moralizing is neither required nor desired here.

In the words of the great, sadistic, drug fiend Aliester Crowley…“Do what thou wilt”

Now, your opinion, no matter how entitled to it you are, is totally irrelevant to me, as are you. :fu: (this means go fuck yourself, cause I am most definitely not interested)

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Tbh I wasn’t actually trying to kill her, just shut her up. But it will be fun to watch and witness what happens though! :shushing_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :eyes: :rofl:

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I swear my confinement is holding me back a lot… I yearn for such things.

You can become a spiritual police(YES,ITS A, REAL, THING)