How to use Magic Squares?

Hello guys I had succes with them by activating them like a sigil but it ended there they didint work second time of use.
As did the Fehu Rune.
They are bouth spirits well I bought some meat to give them as an offering can you give me an idea how to do it. Thanks ^-^

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I kinda don’t understand.

But first…what type of magic square are you talking about? That of Abramelin or Solomonic or any other?

You offered meat to the square or ???

I don’t quite understand.

abramelin money squares they worked without anything now I want to give them meat but how

and how to conjure them

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘give them meat’.

And ‘how to conjure them’… conjure who or what? I don’t understand.

Come clear with your message, please.

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these squares are a sigil for an army of spirits when you open them an army of spirits come when you summon them again and again they need an incentive to work fehu rune is the same a gateway to an army of spirits

Use fire?

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