How to use Elder Futhark to improve pyrokinesis?

I’ve used Elder Futhark for different casting purposes, it’s always work significantly well for me. Now that I’m comfortable with ritual magic and open to endless possibilities, I’m looking for the best way to implement the use of Runes with a pyrokinesis practice or meditation.

I’m getting ready to make a collection of all the Runes associated with fire, if you have advice on how I should go about using these I’d appreciate your input.

  1. Is there a way to draw up a circle or pattern (perhaps with chalk to sit or stand in)??

  2. Should I just do basic meditations with the Runes before an attempt at pyrokinesis attempt??

  3. Any sites to help me get ideas on these topics would be much appreciated!

  4. If you guys are interested in what I come up with feel free to check up with me on one of my posts!!

This would be a good idea.

Ever hear of bindrunes? You might find some success with that.

As an aside, I know I’ve seen this exact topic before, and I’m not sure if anyone else posted a topic like this, or if it’s another prophetic dream that kicked in finally.

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In my experience they have worked well when I put in the proper work in.

Are you suggesting I draw a bindrune big enough to sit in?? Or perhaps some kind of Sacred Geometry lined with the Runes and Bindrunes I’m used to :man_shrugging:

P.S. I’ll go look through some old chats too! Sometimes it takes someone pointing out the obvious steps to keep me on track :crazy_face:

Thanks :100:
-Austin Watkins

Here is my first idea of a layout?? Any suggestions??

-Any thoughts on how many I should use?
-Is all 6 I found associated with fire too many?
-Any recommended patterns I should use in my layout?

Thanks reading!! Love this community

Next I’ll get started on bind rune ideas & look into old posts!

One thing that makes seem a little left field is construction of a sigil out of the tunes you wish to use an trying drawing it onto yourself as a point of focus. This sort of thing has worked decently well for me, but i also use energy directly with let’s rituals because that is what worked for me and you may need a very different way. I still wished to give an idea to think about

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