How to understand dreams better?

My original post to this was a horrid mess (to bad I can’t delete it) but I’ll cut it down and repost here:

Earlier yesterday I had a dream where it was raining. I couldn’t hear it but I could see it and I could feel the cold a little bit before losing feeling of it.

I was walking through a town, first through a parking lot where I saw a wounded coyote with a broken leg that was bandaged and a wound on it’s side. It looked cold from the rain so I wanted to help it.

For a split second I could hear it’s cries of pain but it went silent again (I’ve never heard anything in my dreams audibly but I’m trying to improve that). I wanted to go help it but it seemed to move farther away whenever I would get even close.

I decided to leave it for now and continue exploring the dream when I came across a house. It strangely felt like homely so I decided to go in to get away from the rain and also try to find help for the coyote since it seemed my dream didn’t seem to want me to go near it.

When I went in it, it looked like the average house. Furnished and clean so it was nothing interesting but there was this bottle of dry rose butter shampoo on the coffee table in the center of the living room.

It just felt strange that it would be in such a random out of place spot so I picked it up and just as any woman (or man if that’s their thing) who is curious in nature. I opened it up for a whiff, for a split second I could smell the rose in it.

The house was empty overall so I turned to leave and return to the coyote. But as I turned to leave the house, there was this bright white glow like an orb that I caught sight of from the corner of my eye. It was so sudden and unexpected (my dreams follow a dark aspect like complete darkness and dark hues of grey or deep hues of colora) so I turned to look at it.

In the glow, I saw the word “Aura” written in red lettering with gold outlining the word so I think maybe that’s hinting to something.

Maybe aura work? Also wonder why there was a wounded coyote more specifically one that I can’t help when I can’t stand the sight of an animal helpless and in pain.