How to unbind a demon*please help*

Hello. The 72 goetic demons were unbound from solomons spell. I was wondering how this is done. How do you unbind a demon. This is urgent i need to unbind a spirit

Well, according to the mythology of Solomon, the brass vessel in which he bound the 72 spirits was thrown into a lake, but was found 500 years later and opened, thus releasing the spirits of the Goetia.

That is how they were “unbound.”


Thank you for chiming in, i ger ignored usually :grin:.

So if you energerically bind a demon there has to exist a physical anchor?

Spirits are extradimensional.

One magician can bind them to a vessel, yet another magician across the world can still summon them for tasks.

Yes, usually a binding requires some sort of physical anchor. See @Anziel_Merkaba 's thread about his work binding the 72 spirits to a ring if you want to see how it can be done.


Thank you very much for your insights. Knowledgable as always. Ima go check out his thread right away

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