How to transform the physical body?

If I shapeshift my astral body and hold it long enough will it cause my physical body to change?

I’m very curious about it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Are you talking about glamour? E.g. Change eye colour etc

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Yes :slight_smile:

I found some Wicca spells for that online.
Ea in secret of demonic hierarchy says he used to get in tg sync and feeling the colour blue while closing eyes. During talking about zagan and invisibility .


Wow, that would be fun 3:) lol

I gotta try it!

If it is possible, it would be almost impractically difficult. Unless you spend a lot of time refining your technique, you probably won’t really be able to accomplish it. It’d probably take several weeks of conceptualizing the processes, then months of testing, altering, and refining of your process to make something that is sustainably feasible.


What if I evoke a demon to help me out? Like Azazel, Lucifer or Akoman?

@John_Wizard What are you actually looking for? Full physical transmogrification? Minor cosmetic changes? Outright shapeshifting?

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It would still require somewhat significant effort on your part. Just by nature of how this sort of thing could be accomplished.
Calling on spirits could help you, but you can’t expect them to do it all for you.

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Not a complete change just changing some parts of my body…

@John_Wizard So minor cosmetic changes?

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Not so minor. What if I want to change my eye color from blue to green?

@John_Wizard I suppose it could be done. No clue how to do that though. Sorry.

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No problem man. I believe I already have enough to start :slight_smile:

Perhaps these videos can help you?

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I believe this can be the case. Ancient shamanistic practitioners held a belief that everything that happens in the spirit world, or dream world, would eventually transfer to the physical world. I doubt it’s only a telltale, I believe that our minds and spirits can influence our bodies over time :sparkling_heart: