How to train your legion

This is literally what the topic was about if you would read. But all in all this convo will eventually go in circles.

I am just a bit skeptical as the method he talked about with creating these beings don’t match how he creates these servitors.


Never mind. I probably broke the rules by talking about that

I completely forgot about my legions lol

When the virus put the kabosh on my second task, I kind of left my legions hanging, focusing my attention on just some basic energy work and beginning the Enochian book by Damon Brand.

If I’m honest, I don’t actually know what to do with them now :thinking:


I we think about it for a minute… the virus has limited too many things for us to have too many options.

I put them to work in two things right now. It is clear that they become stronger the more tasks they’re given.


Come to think of it, I might direct them to work on my energy system, maybe try to boost my chakra and thought processes. They are elementals, so it should be within their wheelhouse.

There’s nothing material to direct them at right now that I can think of.


I’ll let you in a little not-so-secret-since-I’m-saying-it-in-a-public-forum

I sent some of my ravens to visit the best healers out there, with the purpose of learning from them. We will see if they can deliver. But I’m thinking they will.


I think my biggest challenge with my legion is knowing just what they can do. I asked for them to be capable of anything that elemental magick can be used for, but in my personal magical journey I have only given the magick of the elements a cursory exploration so sometimes I’m at a loss as to appropriate tasks.

Oh, mine are supposed to be energy gatherers, but I sent them to do unrelated stuff anyway. Don’t bother too much and take it easy, they’ll learn. But as in everything, they’ll need some time and make their own mistakes during the process.

Qayos always said they’re multipurpose.


Hey, I recently made one of my Jorogumo legion members apart of my Harem, and I was wondering, how could I make it so she has her own personality, and free will? Is it even possible for me to do that?

You can “fragment” your own soul and make her into a living being, thus she develops her own personality and free will as she experiences.

How would I fragment my soul? Is there a easy way to do so? Or would it take me a coupe hours to do?

when you meditate on it, visualize it as much as possible, how it looks, feels, as much senses you can gather from it. When you’re able to focus on your soul enough, you take a small fragment of it, it’s almost like taking a small piece of energy from it, then you put it within the servitor.


That actually seems easy, thanks for the tip!

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The fragment is compatible with your body right?

Servitor bodies aren’t real bodies, it doesn’t require compatibility. It doesn’t become ‘real’ until the fragment finishes altering them.


Just finished tasking my legions with opening my chakras further and augmenting my energy system. Had an immediate surge in my Ajna, and about ten minutes later, while making dinner, I became dizzy and actually zoned out into an altered state for a moment, until my roommate came into the kitchen and broke the trance.

Holy crap.


Okay, man, that IS awesome. For real.

See? This things are really powerful. REALLY. I’m still wondering why in hell did we get them for free!


I’m going to work with them more and see if their augmentations will help me succeed quicker in Soul Travel.

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