How To Tell If Your Pull Towards A Certain Demon Is Something Greater & Unseen

We have all been there, kept hearing or seeing a particular spirits name in our mind or on the internet when that spirit is trying to contact us to say hey, I can help you with something you need, this is their way of reminding us of their name to inspire us to evoke them and see what’s up. But have you ever had a particular spirits name that just won’t go away?

You’ve already evoked them, they helped you, then a few weeks later there is their name again, in your face, everywhere you look and it keeps happening repeatedly until you start to feel a strong connection to that spirit as if there is something more that remains unseen, a feeling of familiarity like you have known that spirit your entire life?

You can work with any demon or angel or goddess you choose but we all have certain spirits that act as guardians to us, they have always been with us since birth and in our past lives as well and these are the spirits that we feel an uncanny attraction to and have no idea why we seem to keep being lead back to them month after month, or keep thinking of them in our minds, it’s because when that happens we have activated something in ourselves that allows us to remember the connection we had with them in a previous life, so if you feel a strong need to keep evoking a certain entity to the point it almost seems like an obsession with them of sorts, then it’s not simply the spirit leading you to them for a one time deal they can help you with, it’s their way of telling you there is an unseen bond you have with them and to give into it and immerse yourself in their presence.

As Deathwish mentioned in his post about king Paimon, the most elite black magicians of the world work together in secretive groups, NOT cults or covens, but merely teams which are usually fronted by one or more demon, angel, or goddess that all of the magicians in that group work with most frequently. The magicians in these groups are the students of these spirits, the spirits are their mentors and guides, and eventually through continuous work as these magicians advance they begin to become human familiars of these spirits, acting as mediums for them.

The spirits begin to actively lead people to these magicians, seeking out advice about that particular spirit and these people are aware that just because someone has posted some dedications and articles about that spirit does not mean they have a better relationship with that spirit, yet these people just know, they can sense which magicians would be best to contact about that particular spirit to ask for advice on connecting with them and it’s because the spirit has lead this person to them, to instruct them on their next steps.

I have my own little group of friends that were all lead together by Paimon, those of us who are under his guidance and instruction. And I have been told that every major demon and angel worth their salt has their own groups of people which they teach in this manner. I am often contacted by people asking questions about him and I answer them but here lately I am having people outside of BALG that say they have seen countless number of articles on him all over the internet but for some reason, when they discovered one of my profiles they felt an intense need to contact me with their questions.

Some people even say, I was hesitant at first, unsure of how you would react to me contacting you out of the blue like this but I cannot shake this feeling like you are the person I need to speak to with my particular questions, and more often than not here lately, it turns out that these people are also future students of his but they are much newer to the dark arts and their intuition was telling them they needed to work with Paimon but they were too afraid of bothering him by evoking him all the time so they start seeking someone in which they can intuitively feel the presense of king Paimon within that person.

And it is no coincidence, I am being told that he is leading these people in my direction to answer these questions and guide them on how to communicate with him. I have basically become a human familiar for king Paimon, acting as a business associate to him in which I loosely represent him and help bring these clients (aka students) to him. I am not the only one who has been given such an honorable position. I was told this information today by Paimon himself and deep inside I always knew that this would happen eventually but I kept my secrecy out of respect for him in case he had other plans, but as I am sitting here, he is pushing me to get this information out there and I’m not sure why but there is probably a good reason for it.

One person contacted me today and said they felt this urge to connect with him and they were lead to speak to me on his behalf and she says, I feel bad though. I am afraid to keep evoking him for fear of angering or annoying him but I cannot get him out of my mind. I said, Don’t feel bad about it, last year when I really started forming a bond with him and made a lifelong oath of loyalty to him at first I thought he was gonna get upset with me too because I wouldn’t leave him alone but I couldn’t help it, I felt really close to him like I’ve known him my entire life and I found out later that was the reason why.

So if anyone here feels this way about a particular spirit, it’s not annoyance to them if you contact them frequently or ask them to help you from then on out. You are feeling this way because that spirit is your instructor and may even be more than that to you, like a guardian that has always been with you. Give into the urges you have to connect with that spirit and you will soon find that they will makes themselves known in your life almost all the time, giving into it allows you to establish that link with them more effectively.

And I have a similar oath and bond with Lucifer in which the same things are starting to occur, people contacting me feeling the need to speak with me about him, but it’s really no surprise to me at all because Lucifer and Paimon work together very closely. They both even radiate the same type of energy when they are around me, an energy that is so comforting and familiar I feel like they are literally my family. I feel closer to those two than I ever have felt for my actual flesh and blood family but apparently this is no surprise either as I have been repeating this cycle throughout all of my past lives with these two spirits and will continue to meet with and bond with them again in any future lives as well.

So there’s that, sorry if this seems too braggish but Paimon is telling to go ahead and post this information and get it out there. He probably has some underlying reason for having me finally come out into the open about all of this so I trust him.