How to tell if there’s magick against me?

Hey. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a scan on me or a reading to see what our obstacle is. Mostly to see if there’s any magick against me or if it’s possible to know how to lift it too if possible.

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Many of the demons of the Goetia have just that specific power. They can reveal enemies working against you as well as what type of magick that has been sent your way.

Try magickal protection (the book)

Haven’t got that far with it but even if there’s not anything… conquering feelings and suspicions comes in handy


That book has a sigil for protecting yourself against others using magick of any sort against you.


Is that even if it’s already on me? Or do I need to do a cleansing first?

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Yeah it will help you

You don’t have to do anything first

You can decide if you want to use the rituals the book gives for using to protect yourself

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I would just go ahead and do this.

Worst case scenario, no one put anything on you and you didn’t need to do it.

Even then, at the very least you’d be sending back any negativity that’s getting directed at you.

Really can’t lose.

Outside of that, you might look up “road opener rituals” to help you blast away any obstacles. Belial would be good for this.

It’s a good idea to self evaluate and ask yourself whether or not you may be blocking yourself somehow as well…


That’s a humdinger of a spell , nice one.

Try the limpia with the egg


I recommend looking into the talismans from the Greater Key of Solomon. Many of them are taylored specifically toward protection, and from my personal experience they work wonderfully.

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Symptoms of magical attack can include but are not limited to…

Ears ringing strongly, a sense of impending doom or high anxiety for no apparent reason. A gripping tightness around your abdomen,chest, head.

These are some of the more classic signs.


Then you would likely work with an angel like Damebel to remove or dissolve the baneful sorcery you feel is actively working against you. Followed by the protection.

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