How to tell a demon from a parasite while dreaming? Advice needed

So I’ve been working on lucid dreaming for the last two months and had some nice progress with it. While I haven’t reached 100% lucidity I have gained some control over my dreams.

Before I get to the point, I have to tell that I am not afraid of Belial, but rather wary. He is not the type of energy I’d invite voluntarily to my life at the moment.

This night I went to sleep in my dream and an entity that claimed to be Belial came to talk to me. I thought that if it was a petty parasite, I’d easily shut him up. But I couldn’t do it – he kept talking. Then I decided that I could try waking up. And could literally feel that I was trying to open the eyes of my physical body but they just didn’t open as if something was keeping them shut. The entity didn’t mean harm or anything but I was freaking out like crazy, lol. Being too busy panicking I missed the majority of what he was saying too. He told something along the lines that I called him myself and potentially had everything to evoke him. He told me ‘see ya’ and left. After that I woke up immediately feeling tired as if I had a nice workout in a gym.

Entities don’t come to my dreams often, especially the ones I didn’t call.

I am also taken aback at how tired I was feeling after that dream. Not to mention, a person I live with told me they had a dream about obsidian this night although they don’t even know what it is.

I’m not sure what the best course of action is now. Could it actually be a parasite? Evoking Belial is out of the question.

Any advice?

Maybe this could help?

Thanks, but I’ve read that topic :slight_smile:

It says that changing scenery will be met with resistance. Well in my case my attempts to change the scenery were completely futile. I see my physical condition as a red flag though. I’m confused.