How to talk with the succubus summoned by Letter of Intent

I summoned a succubus on June 25 2019 ,i made a mistake in the ritual by accidentally burning another paper(in which i had written how to do the ritual) along with some of my couch and the black cloth i performed the ritual on and the letter of intent,then i waited like 30 minutes and i ended the ritual.during the ritual i felt someone touch my hand, after ending the ritual i went to bed in another room not around the ritual space, the next day when i masturbated i had orgasm but didn’t see any semen coming out,this problem of no semen continued for a few months ,then the semen came out very infertile till now ,since the day of the ritual i only feel her slightly touching my body ,she doesn’t talk to me or show herself to me even if i try to speak out in my mind aloud,what should i do in this situation? Is there a method or ritual to communicate with her? @succupedia I’d really appreciate your advice in this ,if you are ok with it @succupedia should i PM you?


Develop your senses, meditate. That’s how you learn to communicate. Also through interacting with her.


Don’t get stuck on the auditorial, because there’s more to communication than what your ears can perceive.

I have experienced the three main forms of communication, though, and I can explain a bit of how each form appears.

Spirits and entities are pure energy, at least when they interact with us in our physical realm. That means they don’t have the physical means of releasing sound as we do. So how do we “hear” them? They simply use our bodies to communicate with us.

The first sign of them trying to speak to us is with a beep sound in our ears, and when that happens you give focus on that sound. If you are totally focused and alligned to that beepy noise, you might feel like the time stops and goes in super slowmotion with total deafness in effect. When you’re in that phase of focus, words can appear as someone speaking within a vacuum or a soundless environment similar to hearing through earplugs. In other cases, words just appear in front of your eyes, either opened or closed and still with total silence.

It’s easier to see them when it’s on their own terms and conditions, rather than on ours. I’ve seen my ladies a few times, but the easiest way to see is through lucid dreaming. The easiest way to reach a lucid dream is to sleep between 3-5 hours, wake up and being awake for 1-2 hours and fall back to sleep once again. I always do this once a week and I always enter lucid dreaming when doing so. It’s also easier to control these dreams and even be very active during these sessions.

…but the best way of communication with a succubus or an incubus is through touch and emotions. It’s the most intimate way of communication. It gives comfort in a way that your eyes and ears can’t give you. They are very much physical beings and being able to feel them and their world on a physical level gives more depth to the relationship than your eyes and ears. Add astral projection to that, and it gives an extra dimension to the experience.

The only method I can recommend is to focus on your succubus. Acknowledge her and she will acknowledge you.


I’ll have to use that technique to lucid dream, mine tend to be spontaneous.

When you (anyone) burn stuff, always do it in a safe manner and be very careful. People have put things on fire while trying rituals for their first time.

As for your problem with the semen… did you know, there is a medical condition, where the semen can go “backwards” the wrong way? Then, while orgasming, it won’t come out. Maybe you should check for this, because, in some cases, it could cause some additional pain issues, but more importantly, you may struggle to reproduce this way.

I know, you were more worried about communication, but I felt, I should let you/others know of these things too, even if they may be less important to you than the communication part. Please don’t course me now :sweat_smile:

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Thanks a lot ,i really appreciated that you took your time and answered my question,after going forward with your advice if i still continue problems I’ll surely ask you, thanks again🙏

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