How to Talk to Yourself

Just copied this over here from another thread, so as not to derail it. The original was one of the occasion “I think I’m a Demon/Spirit/Embodied Entity” topics. Didn’t mean to end up with something worth handing a student to mull over, but now that it’s done, I look forward to what discussion pops up.

Post as follows. (If needs be, I’ll edit it into a Quote.)

You definitely are not a Demon.

At least, definitely not in the way you’re probably thinking. Forget what you’ve been told. Entities you speak with may say a lot of things- ideally, what you are told will push you to take a “next step”. Then you get to learn that you only had part of a truth, and there’s another one around the corner.

You are absolutely a Spirit, who happens to have a physical incarnation at the moment. What you think of as Demons, or Angels, are spirits like you are, minus the body. They share this with most every other type of spirit you will encounter. They are called that because we call them that.

Some of them are very old- they are no older than the same stuff you are made of.
Some of them are very wise- they are no wiser than you are capable of being.

In working with these spirits, re-learning old lessons, and strengthening ourselves, we grow closer to the full truth- there is only one Spirit, and you’re It.
We’re all It.
Every Demon you learn from is an aspect of your deepest self. Every Angel. Every Spirit.

The journey of Black Magick is to begin talking to yourself, until you come to realise that you’re talking to someone else. And then, to continue to do this until you have run out of beings to talk to, only to realise that you really were talking to yourself. All of yourself.

There are a lot of roads to ascent, but if you want to start walking, you need to know where you stand. If you start by putting yourself on a pedestal, then you’ll only have a long way to jump down before you can reach a beginning.

Place yourself instead at the center of everything.

Then, Climb.


This has been on my mind a bit lately- In my estimation, the only line between yourself and an entity you interact with is where you draw that line in your consensus of reality.
So in a sense, everything is apart from you, but within your grasp. In another, nothing is apart from you, but usually isn’t within reach.

So where do we put the line between abilities that are given to us, and awakened in us? Is there even such a line?

I don’t know why you think that is, we’re all each other. That’s the theory, but it’s just a theory. Granted, it’s a GAME theory, but I feel to gratitude in observing this (why did I say that)