How to talk to dead people?

What spirit can help you talk to dead people?

Your spirit can. Develop your clairvoyance and clairsentience. THEN research something like necromancy or mediumship.


If you’re having issues, I would highly suggest Bune and Murmur.

Morrigan, Hecate, Cernunnos, Odin, and, Freya to name a few as they are Gods of the dead, they help guide the dead.

Cernunnos is said to sit at the cauldron of souls and help them prepare/rest for their next journey, Hecate is the Goddess of Ghosts, Morrigan, Odin, and Freya have similar roles with the dead as well on top of leading the dead of the fallen warriors to the afterlife.

I find you might have more of a case of reaching your goal if you do as Norse900 said, or reaching out to one of the afforementioned Deities to help train you in mediumship or psychopomp work. Mainly because yourself or Deities who have a deeper stance in dealing with their specific framework/Paths of life and death.

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Try tis dianas moon. Its a book last page has a ritual to talk to a dead person.

Bune, Murmur, Bifrons, Gamygen, Lucifer and Nebiros.

Moved to the Necromancy and Death Magik category… OP, you might like to browse this category, and search for ‘necromancy’, ‘medium’ and ‘talk to dead people’ - there’s literally years of info in this forum, much from adepts that are not here to answer now, that you won’t want to miss.

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I looked yesterday and I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. What I’m looking to do is to talk to dead people like how someone would want to talk to Odin or Michael or Belial. Unlike those spirits where it’s more like “strictly business” where you issue a task and they’ll meet you halfway, I figure I could talk to dead people like how you would talk to your friends. Yeah you could be friendly with those spirits but it’s different with someone like a family member, friend, or other respectable person that’s passed where they don’t expect anything in return. Would invoking/evoking be what I’m looking for?

Are they talking about necromancy?

As I understand it, that’s pretty much all that ‘necromancy’ is about.

I’ve always been able to talk to ghosts and folks in thier graves and called it shamanism, psychopomping, mediumship. When I was trying to wrap my head around what the big deal was with necromancy, it turned out to be the same, with optional ceremonial elements. :woman_shrugging:

You already got it, it’s the same. Use intention and a link to contact the person you want.
If you want to use tools try a ouija board, pendulum, scrying mirror. Some say they like blood, so you might try that using that to draw them.

If you have a hard time getting through ask Hel/Hekate/Ereshkigal/Morrigan/Morgana/Hades etc etc to help you reach them, like a concierge type of thing. I haven’t tried that, I never call the dead unless it’s my ancestors, or local randoms that contacted me first, so they always come.


Accurate. Immediately thought of the term when I read this topic. Wonder why people like to split practices that are pretty much the same.

My guess is the splitting is partly historical, stemming from different cultures processing the symbology in thier own way, and partly romantic attachment, and partly perhaps a lack of experience or confidence in personal practice, in that the person is still following an ancient framework before exploring what else also works and bringing it together to full develop thier own way outside of any of the boxes. :smiley:

Just because you knew them doesn’t mean they’re up for casual chit chatting. Most of the dead have something they want so you better be ready for it. You don’t want to anger the dead.