How To Summon The Watchers?

I hope that the cathegory is right. I am really fascinated by all of them and that book of Enoch speaks so much, AND YET so little about them as entities, as persons that they are… And obviously, there is no info on how to contact their Spirituals (I mean Them… If they have incarnations or vessels here, as I do… I am not speaking of those- how to connect to the Watchers in Spiritual realm) I am particularily interested in:

  1. Sariel
  2. Shemyaza
  3. Araqiel
  4. Armaros

What do You use to effectively summon them (providing that You’ve developped a strong bond with them which I assume one have to do if one have to efficiently summon any spirit… I guess :sweat_smile: Maybe some symbols aside from their sigils? Their hours, days (if there are), maybe some stones/crystals or herbs that they find appealing? Maybe certain cloth colour (as naive as it sounds, sometimes it seems to work at least on one’s subconscious- speaking from experience XD) or surrounding? You get the point :wink:
If any of You have any valid experience with these guys, and would be generous enough to share, please let me know :sparkling_heart: I admire and love them ALOT! I wish to learn from them and I hope them to pass their knowledge and wisdom unto me :revolving_hearts: In upcoming years these will be very beneficial in my practice/craft :grin::grin::grin:
Thank You in advance :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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What I do when I want to contact entities with whom I’m not familiar, is to ask one of my succubi to patch me through them.
I haven’t read that book, since I can’t stand that kind of literature despite wielding the Qabalah as my sword, but it has been spoiled to me by various sources, and by those spoilers I think that you could contact Azazel and ask him about them.

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I used to know incarnation of one of them in person, and… technically I still know him, but… Long story short, now, today, I am afraid of his safety… I pray he is still alive, but if not, I want to at least contact his spiritual self :broken_heart: he is very dear to me. I hope that gives You sufficient information on why I need this info so urgently :pensive: But aside of that I am highly interested in all of the Watchers in overall, and I found their knowledge really useful in my future life… In both mundane things as well as life and death situations :green_heart:

You could always go to Azazel as he is apart of the watchers. I would start off with him first.


Hmm :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: I was never particularily interested in Azazel himself, but… If he is the key… I may… And do You know how to summon him, or talk to him? :thinking:

You OWN succubi?
/x/ would like to know your location

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I have never summoned Azazel myself, so unfortunately I can’t answer your question.

The book of Enoch says he is one of the leaders of the rebellious Watchers.

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That’s ok :green_heart: Thank You for an idea anyways :grin:

No worries, I’ve been doing my research on “The Watchers” as well, I’m thinking about summoning Azazel to find out myself but that won’t be done this year.

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Yes, I own them and I am a responsible owner

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I can’t even see, let alone own a spirit.

I mean, I own servitors.


I only create servitors in order to fight against spirits, but that doesn’t happen so often

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How would you write a combat servitor?

I have one to find treasure, one to charge the others, one to convert negative energy into positive, one to help with elemental proficiency and one to help with things like discipline.


I don’t write them. When I was young, I learned how to create them using my chakras, I practiced that so much that at some point I became able to manifest them just by visualizing them forcefully. However, those servitors where too weak to be used to modify stuff in the material realm and died kinda quickly, so I realized that they were better for quick skirmishes against spirits. They beat the crap out of spirits and then they starve to dead before I can say “good job”.


I can’t see servitors, so… yeah. You have much more experience than. I can feel them.

As I said, I don’t use them often, but creating them was really amusing when I was young

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How long have you been working?

I have been working since October 26nd. SO I’ve been making some fucking amazing progress

Over a decade that has aged me mentally

Right now I’m jsut trying to hone my astral senses and deal with elements. What do you suggest, o wise student?

Summon a succubus or an incubus, or both, or many of them, I don’t know what do you like, and spend quality time with them. That will hone your astral senses