How to summon the 24 Elders (Four Twenty Seniors)

This is a guide on how to evoke the Elders. They are 24 spirits of the ninth heaven. Yehovah created them like angels so they are Jinn. Anything else you seek to know you can learn directly from them. I possessed myself with several archangels and found out all their names. This entities are 100% of the Kingdom of God. Light incense and Candles. Frankicense is ideal for all heavenly spirits.

24 Seniors (24 Elders)
Evoke Thomas, Regulum, Al Ughdah, Sitrael, Jameson, Adselcium, Unamateir, Chelseaea, Ensayklo, Galilee, Shnelldon, Unasectlum, Unarector, Morpheus, Reptardo, Inquizido, Segordon, Unarosah, Septlum, Rugredee, Unarepto, Decquahdor, Whygerdy, and Recardoh. Light incense and candles. Speak the following conjuration when ready. Frankicense preferred but not required.

REPEAT 3-5 times
Rise Thomas. For I evoke thee Thomas, Rise and manifest Thomas. Rise Regulum. For I evoke thee Regulum, Rise and manifest Regulum. Rise A Ughdah. For I evoke thee Al Ughdah, Rise and manifest Al Ughdah. Rise Sitrael. For I evoke thee Sitrael. Rise and manifest Sitrael. Rise Jameson. For I evoke thee Jameson, Rise and manifest Jameson. Rise Adselcium. For I evoke thee Adselcium, rise and manifest Adselcium. Rise Unamateir. For I evoke thee Unamateir, rise and manifest Uamateir. Rise Chelseaea. For I evoke thee Chelseaea, rise and manifest Chelseaea. Rise Ensayklo. For I evoke thee Ensayklo, rise and manifest Ensayklo. Rise Galilee. For I evoke thee Galilee, rise and manifest Galilee. Rise Shnelldon. For I evoke thee Shnelldon, rise and manifest Shnelldon. Rise Unasectlum. For I evoke thee Unasectlum, rise and manifest Unasectlum. Rise Unarector. For I evoke thee Unarector, rise and manifest Unarector. Rise Morpheus. For I evoke thee Morpheus, rise and manifest Morpheus. Rise Reptardo. For I evoke thee Reptardo, rise and manifest Reptardo. Rise Inquizido. For I evoke thee Inquizido, rise and manifest Inquizido. Rise Segordon. For I evoke thee Segordon, rise and manifest Segordon. Rise Unarosah. For I evoke thee Unarosah, rise and manifest Unarosah. Rise Septlum. For I evoke thee Septlum, rise and manifest Septlum. Rise Rugredee. For I evoke thee Rugredee, rise and manifest Rugredee. Rise Unarepto. For I evoke thee Unarepto, rise and manifest Unarepto. Rise Decquahdor. For I evoke thee Decquahdor, rise and manifest Decquahdor. Rise Whygerdy. For I evoke thee Whygerdy, rise and manifest Whygerdy. Rise Recardoh. For I evoke thee Recardoh, rise and manifest Recardoh.

Speak the following after the 24 Elders manifest within the incense. Scry the conversation. Ask them for prophecy and scry each line as they tell it to you. Listen to all your thoughts.


It could give more information about each of them … The individual sigil of each …


You don’t need sigils and I’m not going to put the time in to scry 24 sigils. If you need a sigil evoke them and scry one for all 24 elders. They are meant to be summoned together. Don’t get caught up in how many entities you’re summoning at a time. They won’t harm you. They just want to help you.


Has anyone done this ???
Does anyone know why this user is suspended ???

If you click on the profile, you will see it states the reason for the ban.

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Seeing the title makes me think of when I was at the mall and the senior citizen truck was going to one of the all you can eat buffets. I imagine you could summon 24 easy if you say you’re paying.