How to summon physical a demon?

I have followed goetia unsuccessfully

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What for?

In ancient times the blood from animal sacrifice emanated fumes, provinding a body to the entities. This has been replaced by incense, one providing a dense steam is copal; E.A. also mentioned an elixir of manifestation, composed by some ingredients.

I have raised this before but it seems the method of EA is all everyone here knows about.

I wanted to put it out here but I was pissed by things I’ve read, sex with demons, etc. I can’t be the one to teach how to rend the veil between here and there and they start having physical sex with the demons. Give birth to their child. No. I don’t want my name to go down in history like that.

Many even thoughts it’s not possible. That Spirits can’t appear solid and bodily like a human, except via incense or smoke.

If your reason, OP, for wanting them physical is just and in line with sacred rites (not a must but not abusing the knowledge), you may PM me, please.


I look forward to that